Saturday, November 17, 2012

Handbag Heaven @xtineandcompany

I feel every time I write a post about handmade items, I tend to have a shopping addiction to those items. At it again... I am obsessed with handbags. I feel I got this from my mother- since she has a closet full of purses (not of clothes mind you.. she barely has clothes.. just purses!).

Christine & Company creates wonderful handcrafted bags for all. Christine, the owner, is amazing. She actually is working on a special project for us (Jewels For Hope) to transport our jewelry in- how fun right! Can't wait to see it created- and once I do, I'll take pics and post them here- don't worry!

But for now.. I'll just tell you about all of her awesome items. I'm in love with this leopard print clutch she has on her site. As you know from my posts before- leopard print makes me happy. This clutch rocks it out.

Hot, right?

Along with making high quality items, she also gives back. Handbags for Hope (obviously we love the name of that line... get it .. Jewels For Hope? LOL.. sorry.. need more coffee still!)

$25 of the purchase will go to The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. 

We love when people donate!!!! Don't you?

Christine is such a great woman with such gorgeous products. I feel her tote bags can go with everything. The perfect size, not too big, not too small and great for someone on the go. As much as I love the clutches she has- I'm a big bag kinda girl. I carry my life in my purse and her totes are the perfect size. 

Go check out her site and tell me if you get anything!!! I love hearing about people Shopping Handmade!!


  1. I love handmade goods, and especially love that when I buy them, I'm supporting an actual person. Even better when they in turn support charities!

  2. You sweet thing! What a nice suprise! Thank you so much!

  3. Those are awesome hand bags, and even better when part of sales go to charity and good causes! Definitely makes you want to shop from them before going else where!

  4. Those are pretty cute! I love the colors and swirls!

  5. I kinda have a 'bag' thing too :)
    I love these bags! And the charity she's picked... ugh so perfect too! My dad suffered from pancreatic cancer. It's a horrible thing. I'm going to check out what goodies I can find.
    Thanks for this!

    1. Ronni, My dad had pancreatic cancer's the most horrible disease and so under-researched! I "hope" to help fund some much needed research for this cause. I'm going to do be doing a raffle soon also, $10/chance to win this handbag set! Stay tuned....