Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christmas in July Sponsor Spotlight: Hooked on Yanr CT

I love sponsors. I love doing everything I can to promote handmade items. I am thrilled so many handmade artists are willing to sponsor giveaways on blog.

Another sponsor I have for the Christmas in July giveaway (starting on July 25th!) is Hooked on Yarn Ct! Now, you may recall that this sponsor is actually one of my family members! My aunt Lori, is the creator of Hooked on Yarn Ct! She has sponsored giveaways before on the blog and I am so grateful!

I love her items. I have some scarves of hers that she has given me years ago that I still use! I also love her "specialty" items- when it is a little less hot out, she creates baby blankets (they are a ton of work so she prefers to do them only in the colder months- totally understandable to me lol). But they are truly works of art! I love them!

Some of her other items that she has readily available now, are funky scarves, trivets, headbands, key ring holders and much more!Have a look...

I love the scarf!!! Black and pink are so my colors. And it has such a fun twirly quality about it, I feel like if I were wearing it I would want to just spin around all day!

Well, one of my fabulous readers will get the chance to win one of her items! Woo Hoo! I can't wait to show you what it is.....but of course I am not telling you now. What fun would that be? You're going to have to check back later and see!


  1. Wow, your right that is such a fun unique scarf and I think that key chain is so cute because I could change in it for the meters so I don't get any more parking tickets. hehe
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  3. hand made is the best, I so wish I was crafty!

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