Friday, July 29, 2011

Nice People Really Make Me Smile!

Everyone knows that a lot of people in the world are not really nice. Some people are rude, arrogant, or just plain mean. I feel like when I meet someone who is really nice, they should be recognized.

This brings me to my post....

I would love to show some love to Anita from Olimax Soaps. I don't know if you remember, but Anita sponsored a previous giveaway on my blog! I have stayed in touch with her and I recenetly thought of her for an opportunity I came across.

Well, Anita was so grateful that I thought of her, she sent me out a little gift!!! I thought that was the nicest thing! I wasn't expecting anyting in return! See? Some people are just truly good people. Anita is definitely one of them!

She sent me a great lip balm and a Sweet Pea Perfume Oil!

The funny part about this is that LITERALLY last night my mother and I were talking about how much I love the scent Sweet Pea! It was fate!

Along with having great items like shown above- Anita also makes amazing soaps! Perfect for any age! Check some out:

As I started this post off.... Nice people deserve to be recognized! So I'm doing my part to tell everyone about Anita and how nice she is! So feel free to stop by her facebook page and say hello!!


  1. Awesome and yes darn people can make me frown. I love a good smile and I try to smile always! Very nice gift from your reader!