Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vacation, Here I Come!

Tomorrow morning at approx. 4am I will be heading down to Ocean City Maryland for my 2 week vacation! WOOO HOOO!!!

I am so excited I cannot breathe! I have so much to do today though- I hope I can get it all done!

My family is leaving bright and early tomorrow morning- I will be leaving my fiance behind since he is taking summer classes and will not be finished until the 3rd or 4th. He will be driving down once he is finished and then we take the extremely long road trip to Florida!!!

He is taking care of my lovely babies Ava & Leroy. I wrote out a verrrrry detailed list for him.. so fingers crossed he actually reads the list!

Anyway..... Since I am super excited to take a vacation, I would like to share some past pictures of our family vacations- and yes, I know I have done this before- but Oh well. I like reminising. If you actually took a look at my Snapfish account you would see 4 MILLION PICTURES. Yea, I have an issue with pictures... don't judge.

I love vacation time. All of us stuffed into a mini van for 7 hours. Half asleep. Fun. hahaha

No really though, I am so excited about this trip! Then after leaving Maryland I get to go to Florida for a week with my fiance, and best friends <3

Don't worry though! I wouldn't leave my amazing blogging community alone for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Oh, No! I'll be posting throughout the two weeks and alsssooo-- I have a TON of amazingly fabulous guest bloggers here--- I have never had a guest poster on my blog- so that should be great to see! So be sure to stop by and make sure to show some love to the guest bloggers!!!

Now, I should start to pack................

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