Friday, July 1, 2011

Yankee's Suite Experience!

If you didn't know... I won my father and myself two Yankee's Suite Tickets through Lord and Taylor! It was absolutely amazing. Something I have never experienced before. The game was this past Tuesday.

We left at 3:45 for a 7:05 game. We hit NO traffic the whole way down. I was shocked. We got great parking, directly across from the stadium. Everything was going perfect. We started walking into the stadium, and then...


I got hit by a kid on a bike.

I'm not kiddig. Dead on. He wasn't looking and I was trying to get out of the way and it just didn't work. My body stopped the bike from moving.

I swear, I thought my father was going to pass out from laughing so much. It actually was really funny. I was okay- nothing broken or hurt- just some scratches. Nothiing was stopping me from getting into that stadium, so I didn't really care. It was funny.

We get into the stadium- free t-shirt day! I love free stuff. We got our shirts and started towards the suite entrance. It was like a fairytale. Gorgeous. There was stadium employees at every corner to make sure we were okay and asked if we needed anything.

We get to the suite. I have no other words to describe it other then AMAZING. I am never going to a game again unless it's in a suite. This has ruined me. IT HAD IT'S OWN PRIVATE BATHROOM. Yes, private bathroom. That is what sold me on it. Yes- I'm so classy it hurts.

They had a fully stocked kitchen waiting for us- all the food, drinks, alcohol we could ever want! It was perfect. and AIR CONDITIONED! My father and I had SUCH a good time. We were in shock the whole time. For that one second, we understood what it was like for the wealthy.

It was really nice, but it was different. You looked across all of the suites and saw all of these business men and women- all classy - coming straight from work. In our suite- it was all the fathers/daughters decked out in our Yankee's shirts and jeans. I like that better. I may love the air conditioning and the private bathroom- but I love more being a regular fan. It was comforting to sit with all of the people in our suite.

I am so fortunate to have won this prize. I am so happy I was able to experience everything with my father. We had such a good time! Ah, just perfect!

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