Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Obsessed with Weddings

I absolutely love weddings. I have always loved weddings. Which is weird, since I have only been to 2 weddings in my life- my aunt's backyard wedding, and recenetly my fiance's brothers wedding.

I know most women love weddings- I think it's in our blood. I love seeing what people come up with and how they design it. How they have unique little things placed around.

Well, since I am in the process of planning my very own wedding- well, kind of in the process. I'm getting married in 2-3 years but I'm planning now. I know that sounds crazy- having it be so far away, but I love planning. I love finding new things. So I'll take the full 2 years to plan.

One of my favorite blogs on the web is the Bridal Gown Blog. I love going to this blog and browsing around. Kerrie finds the best stuff here! One of my absolute favorite things she has shown is something I plan on looking into for my wedding. A button bouquet.

Please go and take a look at her post about the button bouquets (link above). The pics she has showcasing the bouquets are stunning! Since seeing this post, I have seen more and more button bouquets popping up everywhere! Normally, I like being different and unique- so the fact that these are popping up everywhere and I STILL want to use this idea, is something!

From searching the web, I found some AMAZING looking button bouquets! You have got to check them out...

I am in love with all of these! I think each button bouquet in the world is different for each specific bride. The possibilities are endless! That's what I just fell in love with. Every bride deserves to feel special on their wedding day- these bouquets can really make you feel that way!

Oh, the choices! Thank God I have 2 years to decide! haha


  1. Love the idea of button bouquets, such a fun and unique twist to the traditional bouquet, espically love the bottom (pink) one! too true all women love a good wedding, the dresses, the designs, the over all love and romance even a cynique like me loves 'em! just did a wedding dress post if your interested in checking it out :) xxxx

  2. Wow that seashell one is so cool! I want to marry a sailor and get married on a beach under a lighthouse with a shell bouquet like that!


  3. Are those pearls inside the shells?