Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love Avon & Mark.

I was lucky enough to win a perfect summer Avon- Mark. package! It is everything a girl could need for the summer- or for any other time for that matter.

I won this package from Mark Makeup Gal (Francine). She is such a sweetheart and has been so nice to offer up this giveaway! Obviously, I was thrilled when I found out I actually won!

I have always been a huge Avon fan for as long as I could remember. When I actually had a job, way back when, one of my bosses sold Avon- I had trouble saying no to any item! I love browsing through the catalog and seeing what I want.

For this package that I won- it came with the best items! A beach bag, aviator sunglasses, "glow" moisturizer, a lip gloss, an eye shadow, "get a tint" moisutizing lotion and some great samples!

Of course, I don't have the sunglasses to take a picture of since my younger sister IMMEDIATELY swiped those- she says thank you Francine!

I have been DYING to try this glow lotion- so I will definitely let you know how it works out. Francine says it is one of her favorite items-- have any of you ever tried this lotion? Have any thoughts/opinions on it?

I am so excited to have all this nice stuff! If any of you decide you want to purchase anything from Mark please use this link! I would love to send some traffic Francine's way since she really has been so great during this transaction!

 Especially since  along with this package I received- I accidentally recieved SOMEONE ELSE'S package- The post office put the exact same label on another package that was meant for 2 grandaughters (from their grandparents). Francine called where she mailed this out from and are having them look into it so I can have this shipped back to the correct owners! Isn't that so nice of her? I was going to call the post office tomorrow and once I told her that she went and called the actual place she shipped it from! So if I can help Francine out by getting her some sales-- that would be great :)

I'll keep you all updated on the package issue as well as let you know how I like the glow product! Have a great day all! :)

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