Friday, April 29, 2011

Cake Bites- Yummmmy

This is going to be a quick post lol. I had an interview this morning! It looked SO relaxing. I know that sounds weird for a job- but I need something non-stressful. This job seemed awesome and the atmosphere was so nice. fingers crossed everyone!

So- tonight I am doing a craft fair. I have been baking cake bites for days I feel like....

The fiance gave me BabyCakes cake pop maker the other day. I was thrilllled!!! So for the craft fair I am making these cake pops to sell in little packages. I didn't get a picture of them finished- only of them cooling. But I will take pics at the craft fair tonight, don't worry!

But it takes 4 minutes for ever 12 cake pops. I WAS THERE FOR HOURS DOING THIS! But I think they look cute. Hopefully people will think they are yummmy. Because I swear if no one eats these I'll be upset lol. After all the time making them... ah! And especially since I would have no idea what to do with the strawberry ones if no one buys them. The fiance LOVES the chocolate ones (he actually ate like 24 of them already lol) but he doesn't like strawberry. And neither does anyone else in my house. So- I hope they sell or else I'm going to have 75 strawberry cake bites sitting around my house lol

I have to run off and get ready now. So much to do!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. I hope everything goes well at the craft fair and I'm looking forward to seeing pics...Thanks for stopping by :)