Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Caution: This Post is Offensive

Okay, to get to know me a little bit better- I find most offensive items to be hysterical. I love it. I'm not talking about being mean to people or anything like that. Nothing racist, or sexist, or anything that could hurt someones feelings. But I like funny.

I recently made some cards that I am IN LOVE WITH and find them to be hysterical. But they're a tad bit offensive lol. I showed them to my fiance the other day and he just looked at me like, "really?". I laughed for 10 minutes at how funny I thought the cards were. He just stared. I find myself overly hysterical when most other people don't. But I'm fine with that. Take a look at the cards.

I find these to be hysterical. And not just because I made them. If I saw a card anywhere with "screw you" on it, I would have to buy it immediately to give to someone- even if there was no occasion for it. Am I alone in this? I just find this funny. Then again.. my father's nickname for me is dickhead- which I also find funny. He even had it put on my birthday cake one year- everyone who came over thought we were f*n crazy when they saw that cake. I almost passed out from laughing so much lol.

Yea, I'm sharing some major stuff with you here. You all may think I'm nuts now- but this is just how I am. I like to laugh and joke around. Laughing makes you live longer. It helps the soul. So if an offensive item here or there helps make you laugh- I support it. I know just writing this post this morning has made me have a smile on my face the whole time. So my day is starting off pretty great.

Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. I think these cards are really humourous, but they have to be received by humourous people too!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  2. haha, i love the bitch card!

    i'm facing a similar dilemma. we're filming my kickstarter video on sunday. i've got some ideas for funny content, but i think some of it might be a little much... "blowjobs can only get you so far" is a hilarious tagline to me, but will it turn potential sponsors off? :P

  3. I made my hubby an Easter card last year that said "Eat candy for Jesus". I think we were the only ones who found it witty at all:)

  4. Those are totally hysterical!