Friday, April 1, 2011

I hate the internet.

hi everyone! you ever have one of those days where everything is just going wrong? haha. i am writing this post from my blackberry right now since my internet for some odd reason isnt working. so i apologize ahead of time for all the typos youll see. my short stubby fingers dont mix well with a blackberry for long typing sessions. hopefully ill be able to do a real ost later on today. until then....

my original question- ever have a day when everything goes wrong? lol i woke up this morning like a girl on xmas morning. my bestie, paul, and myself are obsesssssed with jamba juice. when i lived in nyc i went there pretty much every day. well today was the day that jamba was coming to ct! we have been talking about this for weeeeeeks and counting down the days. i was up at 8am this morning ready for a delicious smoothie. paul and i had plans to go at 10. i got all dolled up since i planned on writing about jamba today and wanted to take some great pics at my place of worship. we get there at 10 and guess what? i know you can guess it! they werent open!!!! online it stated april 1st but noooooooo. i was devestated. and now im home awith no internet lol

one of those days! gotta love april fools day right? even tho jamba was a disapointment today- i had the best time with paul. we always do. he is the will to my grace. so my day really isnt as bad as im making it out to be lol other then the f*n hand cramp im getting from writing on this mini keyboard hahaha

happy friday all!


  1. Hello darling,

    I love your blog and now following!!! Would you come in mine and follow me?i'd be very happy!

  2. I have those days too...starts with one thing going wrong, and then everything goes wrong. Here in Italy we think it has to do with the full moon:) Following you from Trapani, Sicily! The jewels are beautiful, you're very talented!