Saturday, April 30, 2011

Craft Fair: FAIL.

So last night was my craft fair..... FAIL. I had a great time there and everything but did not make any money. Well, actually... I made $2.00. Yep, I said TWO. DOLLARS. I was there for 3 hours, and made two dollars lol. I find it funny. At least I got to drink free wine samples all night. That was the positive about last night.

My mom and aunt did well though. So that was also something good that came from this. Here's a look at our tables....

I'm thrilled they made some money. But I wanted some of my cards to sell. I think they are cute lol so I was hoping other people would like them as much as I do... what do you think about them? Think they are worth me continueing to make them- thinking maybe I might have some sales?

I like my fashion cards. They make me smile lol.

Now. I have to talk about something I have already mentioned before- I know you may not want to continually hear about the same people/items- but I feel that when someone does something nice- they should be rewarded. What goes around comes around. And last night, Rita from Design Your Own Cake, was so freakin nice to me- I want to try and help her out in any way I can.

I had told Rita about this craft fair- since she lives only 1 town over I thought it would be something good for her to start with. When she first got there- she comes over and hands me this bag of cookies to say thank you for hosting the giveaway on my blog for her Easter Cookies.

Two heart cookies and then an adorable hat cookie. You cant see the hat cookie but I promise- ADORABLE.

I thought that was so nice of her. I told her she didn't have to do that! She insisted. Then, towards the end of the night I went over to her and we started talking. I was PRAYING she made AT LEAST the same amount as the table cost- if not more. Because I was no where close to making the table costs ha ha. Well, she made enough to cover it. Thank God. She then told me to take this big mothers day bouquet of cookies. I kept saying no no no- it was a beautiful bouquet and I didn't want to just take it from her. She already was so nice giving me a bag of cookies! She still said to take it- so instead, I said I will take a cookie to give to my mother. I picked this one out....
A YELLOW SHOE! Now, I thought that was fate because my mother, LOVES her one pair of yellow shoes she has. I just find Rita's designs to be so fun.

Well, of course- Rita being the incredible generous woman that she is- gave me the cookie bouquet too. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Look how gorgeous this is....

I couldn't believe that she was giving me all of this stuff. I was so touched. Especially since I can't actually afford anything for my mom for mothers day- since I currently have $18 dollars in my account. So, Since I can't pay Rita for her yummy cookies, I decided to write a post about her. Because really, don't you think nice people should get nice things in return?

I know the saying "what goes around comes around" usually is used in terms of when someone is bitchy to you, they'll "get theirs" soon enough. I like to think of this saying as good though too! People who are nice really should get what they deserve. So this is why I am talking about Design Your Own Cake again. There really isn't enough people out there in the world like Rita. I think they should be celebrated.

So if you are ever in the mood for some amazingly delicious cookies- or adorable cupcake toppers... please visit Design Your Own Cake. It's nice to help someone out who is nice to others.

Happy Weekend everyone! Hope you have a great day :)


  1. I think it's great that you recognize, no matter how often, the blessings in your life! I'm sorry your craft fair didn't go well, but don't give up! Your cards are adorable and I thought your presentation was really good.

    Thanks for following me at Mimi to Tee and Bee, too. (I am following you back!) I am enjoying meeting new people in the blog world. :)

  2. Congrats on the two dollars hehe! Everything looks so nice

  3. bleh- that sucks about not making any money at the craft fair. i'm so glad you decided to turn it into something positive though, by shining a spotlight on someone else. so many people would never do a thing like that.

  4. I think your cards are cute too! I am new to your blog so I haven't seen your other posts about Rita but I will say that those cookies are so cute I am salivating! I'm off to go check out her site. Thanks for sharing!

  5. cute blog and pics:)

  6. What a bummer about the craft fair! I guess $2 is better than nothing! lol I think it's important that you still believe in and love what you do- keep that attitude and one of these days it will pay off! Just wondering do you sell the cards in sets? My work once hosted a boutique and we had some girls do a booth with cute handmade cards, but I wanted to buy a set of 10, not just one, and they only sold them separately so I didn't buy any. Maybe even an assorted set of 5 would help move them... Idk. Just spouting off ideas you have probably already thought of :)

    That is super nice of your blogging friend. Her cookies are adorable! I bet they taste even better! Yummm now I want cookies!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend girlfriend! :)

  7. yay for you for being so positive! A similar thing happened to me and I wish I had been as upbeat as you! Also those cards are so darn amazing, I am confounded that you didn't sell many. Those cookies are so unique, love 'em, I wish I lived in the US so I could nab some xxxx

  8. I love your cards.....Don`t worry you just had a bad time it would be better :)
    Thank you for entering my giveaway!