Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jewels For Hope featured on Spylight

So happy to say that today we were featured in such a great roundup for Mother's Day Gifts! 

The As Seen on TV site, Spylight, did a huge feature on The Artisan Group members who had their products worn on TV shows! They did a great round up of Mother's Day Gifts that would make any mom feel totally special. 

They picked our Bones Necklace. A delicate Grey Swarovski Pearl hanging on a 18" Sterling Silver Chain. Simple, elegant, perfect for any woman in your life!


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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Mother is the Queen of Gift Shops

Anyone who owns their own business knows how much work goes into making your dreams come true. My mother and myself work around the clock for Jewels For Hope. We are always brainstorming, always coming up with new designs, and always always trying to get our work into new stores.

We both feel it in our bones, that 2015 is our year. This is it. Our big year. We are working harder then ever to get our charity creations out there.... and... it's working!

We have created a new line for this year... a nautical line.. which was actually just gifted at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge in association with The Artisan Group.

This line donates a portion of the profits to Save The Sound. Here are a couple of pieces we have...

Perfect for everyday wear these pieces are great for kids, men, or women!

Well... as hard as we are working, I have to say it is paying off. My mother, calls gift shops every single day trying to get them to look at our line. I am proud to say, a couple of them loved our work and we are now *officially* in their gift shops!!!! *happy dance*

We are in the Submarine Force Museum Gift Shop and The Marine Mammal Stranding Center Gift Shop!

This year is it for us. Our goal is to get into 4 or 5 more shops and get into a couple magazines. Do you have any goals for your business this year? Be positive about it! 2015 is a great year. I feel we all can do amazing things this year. Good Luck to all! <3 br="">

Mother's Day Gifts- 15% OFF

Mother's Day is in a couple weeks! Have you figured out what to get your lovely mother yet?

Jewelry is always a perfect choice!

Check out Jewels For Hope's top picks for Mother's Day. 
Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant, seen on Pretty Little Liars Star, Tammin Sursok

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jewels For Hope on NBC's Night Shift

A ton of big things have been going on for Jewels For Hope, since my last time writing. I really need to get back into the swing of things here with my blog! So, to go off with a bang, I figured my first post back will be about something MAJOR!

Jewels For Hope is proud to announce that our jewelry was featured on NBC's The Night Shift!

Yep. How cool is that?

We worked through The Artisan Group to send one of our bracelets and the stylist of the show then contacted us directly to make a completely different, special piece, just for the show.

Here was the piece we created...

Created with Wood Beads and Orange Cats Eye Beads on a Tan Cord with a Button enclosure. 

It was shown on March 16th's Episode!

It was worn on the "bad guy" of the episode. I think it looks great on him! It was so exciting to see our work on Television!

Something even more exciting? One of the main actors of the show, Brendan Fehr (whom my mother and I have both loved since his Roswell days) actually wrote back to me on instagram after "liking" the photo!

"I'm glad you shared that because it gave me an opportunity to feel good, and not for myself, but for you, your mother, and your business, especially your business giving back. Thank You."~ Brendan Fehr, actor; The Night Shift

 Isn't that so sweet, what he said? It made me love him even more!

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