Friday, December 21, 2012

Lumberjack Love from @Absinthe_Dragon

I love The Artisan Group.

Since becoming a member of this group I have found so many amazing shops and handmade items. I just love handmade items and it makes me smile to come across great finds.

Esscentual Alchemy is one of those great finds!

I am thrilled that for Christmas I was able to score my dad and fiance two different colognes.

They came so perfectly packaged in cute organza bags.

I don't know if you can tell- on her card she writes "I compose music for your nose"

I think that is such a great line- perfect for her company! Isn't that fitting?! :) two scents I received were Brass and Bulldog (for my dad) and Lumberjack Man (or my man haha). The fact that Amanda (Esscentual Alchemy's owner) has a fragrance called Lumberjack Man makes me smile. I immediately knew that one was perfect for my fiance -- because up until about a week ago he actually looked like a lumberjack with his beard completely grown in and overgrown hair LOL

These are just the perfect little extra's for the holidays! I know they both will love them! Especially my father--- since every year I get him a bottle of cologne haha.(I know- not original, but every year he loves it. I don't break what isn't broken haha.)

If you're in the market for some great cologne or perfume- definitely hit up Esscentual Alchemy!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

#GreenAndWhite #Bracelet in honor of Sandy Hook Victims

Thinking about the poor victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School still breaks my heart and makes my stomach turn. I wish there was more I could do for the families of this horrible tragedy.

I found out one of my friends' cousin was a victim in the shooting. They set up a memorial fund in her honor. 

We created some Green and White Bracelets and will donate 50% of the item to this memorial fund.

If someone is interested in purchasing a bracelet, please feel free to email us at 

Bracelet: $8.00
Shipping $2.00
DrawString Enclosure
**Green Beads may differ slightly in color compared to photo

Animal Print Heaven with @BabyButtonTops

I can't say enough my addiction to animal print.

My sisters both are the same. Yep, I have the same love for animal print as my 18 year old sister. I'm totally fine with that.

For Christmas I got my girls some lovely leopard and zebra print headgear. Gorgeous headbands and sashes from Baby Button Tops. 

I'm tempted not to give them to my sisters, haha. I want to keep them for myself and pretend like they were never gifts for them. Is that wrong?

Yes, It is. I know. I'll end up giving them these (but borrowing them whenever I want!).

Look how awesome these are!



One leopard print headband. One zebra print sash with rhinestones, and one blue & gold headband. They are gorgeous. So well made!

Baby Button Tops (Melissa) has had her items on numerous celebs like singer Adley Stump and Jessica Alba's daughter!

If you're in the market for some awesome headbands- go check out her shop!!!!

Once I give my sister's the items I'll try and get some pics of them wearing them to show you all!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hair Heaven with @GarnishedGirl

I cannot get over how adorable Garnished Girl's headgear is! I am so happy to have met Kareen (through The Artisan Group, of course!). Her work is adorable and perfect for girls or women!

I snagged some amazzzinngggg headbands and barrettes from her for my sisters for Christmas. Oh, they are just perfect, I cannot wait to see their faces when they open them!!!

Garnished Girl has a ton of fun items like headbands, barrettes, and also clothing and jewelry--- and LEG WARMERS. Which I think is so fun! If you're still looking for holiday gifts- Go check out her shop!!!

Here are the cute items I got!!

Isn't that Zebra headband freaking awesome!!!

Love anything zebra print. Might have to borrow that from my sister. That would look so good in my hurr. haha. 

On that note... GO SEE HER SHOP!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pretty Pictures by @natureimagesALM

I love pretty things. Anything pretty always catches my attention... I'm such a girly girl!

For this Holiday season I decided I'm getting my sisters everything I would get myself. Lots of pretty, pink items that I know they will love as much as I do.

Some items I got for my amazing sisters are from Nature's Image's By Design! Anita, the photographer, has amazing work! She puts her photos on items such as compact mirrors or iphone cases, and also has prints available.

I got some awesome goodies from her for my two sisters! Two compact mirrors and an Iphone case!

They were packaged perfectly to insure no damage to the mirrors!


Aren't these just so pretty!


I love the colors of the flowers. They just make me smile. Anita's work is stunning and I am so happy I have these goodies to give as gifts this year.

Definitely check out Anita's site for some great holiday gifts!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

#Glam #Bracelets on HUGE #SALE

Our Glam Bracelets are on Sale today for GroopDealz!!!

Get these perfect Holiday Bracelets on 52% off!

Only $22!!!!!!


#PhotoShoot #Love with @projectcloset

We were lucky enough to win a Glam Makeover with Project Closet & Brush Salon for The Republican Newspaper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun section!

My mother Sandy, my sister Krista, and myself got our hair and makeup done- along with getting to pick out gorgeous clothes to wear for the shoot!

We just had the best day. I can't thank Debbie Wright (of Project Closet) enough! This was just such a great experience for us and we had the best day. My mom was all smiles, which is really what she needed... so happy.

Debbie Wright and Bobby Scott (owner of Brush Salon) do these makeovers and it is AWESOME. The Salon was gorgeous and Bobby and his team made us feel like princesses!

Here are some shots from the day. Once the article comes out in The Republican we will definitely take some shots of it and let you know about it!!!!

We are the Holiday Glam Family!

Krista, Before!

Me, during! 

Makeup time!

Love this! Feel so hollywood glam!


Hurrrr and Makeup Done!

Mom getting hair done!

Doesn't she look gorgeous!!!

Love my mom!

Bobby, Gina, and Debbie!


Love us!!!!!


So what do you think?! Glam Central!!!!! 

Big Big BIG thanks to Debbie Wright & Bobby Scott!!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

As Sweet As Pie with @Marcy725

As sweet as pie is right. Mmm.. this pie looks soo good, I kind of want to eat it. But don't worry, I know it's a candle so I wouldn't.

Blueberry  Pie candle 5 inch

If you have read my blog in the past, you will know how much I love Pics Petals & Scents

Awesome candles that look so good you'll want to eat them! They smell as good as they look too! Marcy, the owner, has made me some great items! I have an awesome Jell-O Candle from her and I love it!

Pics Petals & Scents has it all. Another one of my favorites from her is this Beer Candle.. How. Awesome.

Beer mug gel candle

If you're in the market for some candles this holiday season definitely check out her shop!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Edible SkinFood For All by @EdesnSong

The Holidays are right around the corner! Have you done your holiday shopping yet or still waiting to find the perfect product?

Looking for some special Skin Care products? Look no further! I want to tell you fabulous followers a bit about Eden Song Essentials.

Stephanie, the owner, is such a sweet woman, and also another member of The Artisan Group. She founded Eden Song Essentials which has amazing "Skin Food" for all!

Coming from EdenSong:

"EdenSong Essentials offers 100% raw edible natural organic skin care products of the 

highest quality from pure ingredients. Our exquisite scents and textures make it easy to go 

organic and natural. With our skin care products you can be confident knowing you aren't 

putting synthetics on your skin that may be absorbed into your body."

Stephanie has products like facial creams, lip balms, facial masks, ant-aging creams and so much more!

EdenSong Essentials 100% Raw Edible Natural Organic Skin Care Body Care, Cruelty Free, Biodegradable, lip balm, anti-aging cream, anti-aging serum, eye cream, eye moisturizer, facial mask, face mask, facial cleanser, face cleanser, facial wash, face wash, facial toner, face toner,  blemish gel, facial cream, face cream, facial serum, face serum, facial moisturizer, facial stick, lotion bar, muscle rub, pain relief rub, body lotion, body butter, body scrub, cuticle cream, foot balm, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste

Love her packaging designs as well! These bottles/jars look amazing!

I think this is the perfect holiday gift. 100% natural products!! Go check out her shop and let me know if you order anything! I know you won't regret it!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

PhotoShoot Day!

We are on our way to a photoshoot today! Yep! So exciting I can't wait!

We (myself, my sister, and my mother) won a photoshoot! We will be shot as The Glamorous Family. How Fun! They are going to do our hair, makeup, and wardrobe. It should be so fun! I'm going to take a ton of photos (if I could) and will definitely let you know how it goes. 

We won this through Project Closet on facebook. I still can't believe it. Something so fun for us to do! Like our Christmas gift to each other (since money is so tight this year, we aren't doing actual gifts). This is the perfect little treat for us.

Will let you know how it goes! Wish us luck!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tie Dye Today with @Shannastiedye

Tie Dying is ridiculously awesome in my book.

I have dabbled in Tie Dying just for fun- and I wish I could do it and actually make fun designs like Shanna. When I tie dye it tends to just get all over the place- and not in any design....

Shanna's Tie Dye is the complete opposite of my tie dying ways. Hers looks awesome LOL.

4th of July Parade dress

Ready to ship 2T tie dye heart sun dress

How pretty is that?

I think her work is just gorgeous to look at. I love the color combinations she puts together. They make me smile. It just looks "happy". If that makes any sense to you? It does to me, I swear.

Her work is perfect for kids- adults - everyone really.

Go check out her shop for more awesome Tie Dye work!

Rockin' Article from @StamAdvocate !! #SoundCity #Music #Entertainment

So excited! My father, Frank D'Andrea, was in the Stamford Advocate today for his business
Sound City Music & Entertainment!

I am just so proud of him. He started his own business about 5 or 6 years ago and truly loves what he does. You don't see many people fully love what they do anymore. He is happiest when he is either in his rehearsal studio or out on a gig playing (not including being with his awesome family of course, haha).

This article ROCKS! Such great press for his company (an entertainment studio in Stamford,CT. If you're local, check it out!)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Love Dogs & @ForLoveofaDog

I am a dog person. 

They are loving, fun, make you laugh, make you smile, and know when there is something wrong (or at least my two fat babies were that way). 

And what better way to show your love for dogs, than with For Love of A Dog- dog lovers jewelry for all! Sue, the creator of this, makes exceptional jewelry that is so unique and really makes you smile. 

Adopt Dog Bone Bracelet Dragonskin Turquoise

Black Lab Dog Pendant Blue Black Gemstone Jewelry

Aren't these amazing! The Black Lab pendant reminds me of my old dogs... ADORABLE.

I know for dog lovers out there- this jewelry is the absolute perfect gift. If you're a dog lover, you know when you think of your baby your whole attitude just brightens up. They make you smile. This jewelry reflects that and gives you that same smiley face.

So if you're shopping for a dog lover in your life, definitely check out For Love Of A Dog! Mixing jewelry and adorable puppies.... what more can you really want? Amazing.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Flowery Fun with @KoloheGurlJewel

I love Kolohe Gurl Jewelry.

My friend Renee creates these gorgeous, simple, elegant jewels that are simply stunning. Her work is just flawless in my eyes.

I absolutely LOVE her ankle cuffs. I think they are so unique and think they are perfect for the summer.

Yes, I know it isn't summer right now.. but I'm sick of the cold. I want to think of the gorgeous summer months... warmth, sun. ah.

Okay.. so Renee also has jewelry perfect for all year round. Her arm cuffs are just as fabulous as her ankle cuffs.

Single Plumeria Cuff Bangle (Freshwater Black Pearl)

Perfect gift for the summer lover in us all. These make me smile during the cold winter months... jewelry always brightens someones day! With the holidays right around the corner, hope you all put this on your wish list! Here's Kolohe Gurl's website so you could look around at Renee's awesome work!