Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shanna's Tie Dye is #Groovy! @Shannastiedy

I can't talk enough about how amazing The Artisan Group is and how I continue to find amazingly awesome handmade products through them.

One of the awesome shops I came across is Shanna's Tie Dye. Shanna actually gave me one of her Tie Dye'd sarongs (so pretty!) and I am in awe about how great it is. I tried tiedying (is that a word?) a couple of years ago and mine did not come out ANYTHING like this. Don't worry, I won't show you mine (because yes, the shirt I tried making is still hanging in the back of my closet lol)

Here's the gorgeous sarong:

Isn't this awesome? And isn't my fabulous sister awesome for posing with it haha.

I pretty much love all tie dye. I find it so fun and it just makes me smile. Shanna has a TON of other really cool tie dye pieces in her shop- you definitely should go check them out. Here are some of my faves...

Ready to Ship TIe Dye cotton tights size 7-10

MADE TO ORDER matching sibling shirts

Made to order 108x102 inch star mandala picnic/beach tapestry Member of The Artisan Group

So go check out her Etsy Shop!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

#Roshon Wearing Jewels For Hope in his Music Video!

Roshon Fegan of Disney's Shake It Up & Dancing With The Stars wore our Unisex Charity Bracelet in his recent music video for "I Dooz This" !!!!!!!!

We are so excited, we started screaming and jumping around like little kids when we first saw it. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit this. We are having some very tough times right now and this made us just so happy this morning! We needed this :)

Here is a photo of him (that he tweeted!) wearing our bracelet at The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge .... so you could see what the bracelet looks like. Then below is the video- so you can watch it and scope out our bracelet!

And now, for the video....

Here's a screen shot of him wearing the bracelet in the Video... YAY!

So, If by some strange twist of fate- if Roshon or any of Roshon's people see this post- THANK YOU. I can't say it enough, really.... You made my mother and myself just so happy today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our first IndieGoGo Campaign

We have seen so many great campaigns on Indiegogo and Kickstarter recently that we decided we are going to try our own. We are in desperate need of new supplies -- hence us selling all of our old supplies to make money for new supplies.

We have sooo much supplies that we do not need- that we purchased "just in case" or me saying "I'd love to learn how to do this...". We are cleaning out and selling. What we actually need though, in order to complete our products for the upcoming gift lounges, we don't have.  That's where IndieGoGo comes into play.

Here is our campaign to raise money for supplies. I'd love it if you checked it out, or maybe give it a tweet or share! :)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Take a Look at our Look Book!

I have been working on something of a lookbook/press kit that shows off Jewels For Hope and what we're about and our products.

Take a look and let me know what you think! I love the look of this.. I think it fits us perfectly.

Below it's embedded- but it's a little small since my blog post space isn't huge. 

Here is the link for the presentation so you can see it full screen and actually read what's written haha :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Check out our #Etsy Site!

We are selling a TON TON TON of supplies on our Etsy shop! Everything must go! Really inexpensive prices. We have jewelry magazines, jewelry supplies, and tons of other fun stuff. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hoshii Designs Rocks @hoshiidesigns

I love coming across fabulous handmade shops. 

Since being a part of The Artisan Group, I have been lucky enough to find AMAZING handmade artists from bath products to baby products to purses.

Recently, I was a coordinator for one of our gifting opportunities that The Artisan Group had.. to gift the fabulous Mila Kunis. My mother and I had to receive all of the gifts and get them together in our handy dandy TAG bag and ship them off to the founder of TAG for her to ship to Mila (squeal!).

Well, one of the fabulous TAG members, Deborah, sent my mother and myself a little surprise when we were receiving Mila's gift.

Our own little Mini Mila bag!

Isn't it adorable!

I've already used it to transport all my beading supplies when I go back and forth between my house and my fiance's place.

It was so nice of her to send these cute little bags along for us. Deborah's shop is called Hoshii Designs. You should definitely check it out.. she has the cutest fortune cookie clutch and chain purse that you just have to see!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stacy London and The Westfield Style Photo Shoot!

I am addicted to Twitter. 

I admit it, I can't help it. I love it. I love going on Twitter and seeing what's going on. My Twitter addiction worked out extremely well for my mother. I entered her in a TweepStakes from Westfield Style, Style for Hire, and Stacy London, Queen of Fashion!


Sandy was chosen as a very deserving mother and one of the winners to be featured in the Fall 2012 Westfield Style Magazine!

Stacy London (whom my mother and I just love!) picked her specifically. *squeal*

We (yes, I say "we" since I sure as hell was going with my mother for support lol) had to go to NYC for the fitting and the actual magazine shoot. It was amazing. All of the women at Westfield Style and Style for Hire were just awesome. They were extremely nice and answered all of our questions. My mom was the center of attention during the fitting- just being herself and laughing away as normal. 

We gave each of the stylists a little thank you bracelet from us. We were just so so happy - we had to give them something as a Thanks!

On Tuesday (the fitting) we also met someone special. Yep, Stacy London. 

She was SO incredibly nice to us. Gave us huge hugs- talked to us- was just super sweet. My mother made her two very special Cancer Awareness Bracelets.

Thursday was the shoot. 

Doesn't Stacy and my fabulous mother Sandy look so pretty!!!!! This was right before they started shooting my mother. I'm just so happy my mother didn't start crying and ruin her makeup haha (it was close!)

Now... to the beginning of the day.....

It was hectic, fast paced, and all around- awesome. I loved every single second of it. 

Here is myself, my father, and my mother. So cute!

After our coffee, it was time for hair.

And now a little bit of makeup.....

Work work work!

My mother is gorgeous as it is- but all this primping had a pretty amazing final result:

She looks great here- jammin to Donna Summer!

And the fact that Stacy is rocking our jewels..... I'm still in shock!

Don't they both look great!!!!

Best Day Ever. 

So the moral of the story? It's okay to be addicted to Twitter :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

We're selling stuff on Ebay!

We are selling our lives away on Ebay.

Having really rough times now... as most people are... We need to make money. So we are doing some "summer cleaning". We will be selling, selling, selling! Please feel free to check out our Ebay Site for some fun items we have for sale!

Also, if you're looking for Jewelry Supplies- we will be setting up our Etsy shop over the next couple of weeks for DIRT CHEAP SUPPLIES! We are getting rid of a lot- so be sure to keep checking back :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Enter to win one of TWO $100 Amazon Cards @TotalMortgage

My fabulous company I am working for currently is giving away not one, but
TWO $100 Amazon E-Gift Cards!

Yep. Crazy, I know. Crazy Awesome. Total Mortgage is giving away these great gift cards.

Contest ends on 6/20. What are you waiting for? Click Here to enter!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Everyone needs #Hope... Jewels For Hope!

The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge was this past weekend, as you should know! LOL.

We were lucky enough to get a ton of great celeb photos from this event. Again, I cannot say how happy we are to be a part of The Artisan Group. Without them, this would have never been possible.

Here is a photo of the display set up at GBK's MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge. Gorgeous, right?

During the event, we actually received some really great news... Roshon Fegan, from Disney's Shake It Up and recently on Dancing With The Stars Tweeted a pic wearing our beads! He loved them so much he took one of the display bracelets and wore it the rest of the day!

You can see his tweet here!

Along with Roshon tweeting us.. we received 4 celeb photos! FOUR. We were jumping up and down when we found out!

Roshon Fegan from Shake It Up

Benjamin Watson from The LA Complex

Raini Rodriguez from Austin & Ally

Cameron Monaghan from Shameless

All of these photos made us SO SO HAPPY!

We can't believe we got 4 celeb shots (5 including Roshon's awesome tweet!). What do you think of the photos? How amazing are they! LOL Happy Dance, Happy Dance!