Saturday, April 30, 2011

Craft Fair: FAIL.

So last night was my craft fair..... FAIL. I had a great time there and everything but did not make any money. Well, actually... I made $2.00. Yep, I said TWO. DOLLARS. I was there for 3 hours, and made two dollars lol. I find it funny. At least I got to drink free wine samples all night. That was the positive about last night.

My mom and aunt did well though. So that was also something good that came from this. Here's a look at our tables....

I'm thrilled they made some money. But I wanted some of my cards to sell. I think they are cute lol so I was hoping other people would like them as much as I do... what do you think about them? Think they are worth me continueing to make them- thinking maybe I might have some sales?

I like my fashion cards. They make me smile lol.

Now. I have to talk about something I have already mentioned before- I know you may not want to continually hear about the same people/items- but I feel that when someone does something nice- they should be rewarded. What goes around comes around. And last night, Rita from Design Your Own Cake, was so freakin nice to me- I want to try and help her out in any way I can.

I had told Rita about this craft fair- since she lives only 1 town over I thought it would be something good for her to start with. When she first got there- she comes over and hands me this bag of cookies to say thank you for hosting the giveaway on my blog for her Easter Cookies.

Two heart cookies and then an adorable hat cookie. You cant see the hat cookie but I promise- ADORABLE.

I thought that was so nice of her. I told her she didn't have to do that! She insisted. Then, towards the end of the night I went over to her and we started talking. I was PRAYING she made AT LEAST the same amount as the table cost- if not more. Because I was no where close to making the table costs ha ha. Well, she made enough to cover it. Thank God. She then told me to take this big mothers day bouquet of cookies. I kept saying no no no- it was a beautiful bouquet and I didn't want to just take it from her. She already was so nice giving me a bag of cookies! She still said to take it- so instead, I said I will take a cookie to give to my mother. I picked this one out....
A YELLOW SHOE! Now, I thought that was fate because my mother, LOVES her one pair of yellow shoes she has. I just find Rita's designs to be so fun.

Well, of course- Rita being the incredible generous woman that she is- gave me the cookie bouquet too. She wouldn't take no for an answer. Look how gorgeous this is....

I couldn't believe that she was giving me all of this stuff. I was so touched. Especially since I can't actually afford anything for my mom for mothers day- since I currently have $18 dollars in my account. So, Since I can't pay Rita for her yummy cookies, I decided to write a post about her. Because really, don't you think nice people should get nice things in return?

I know the saying "what goes around comes around" usually is used in terms of when someone is bitchy to you, they'll "get theirs" soon enough. I like to think of this saying as good though too! People who are nice really should get what they deserve. So this is why I am talking about Design Your Own Cake again. There really isn't enough people out there in the world like Rita. I think they should be celebrated.

So if you are ever in the mood for some amazingly delicious cookies- or adorable cupcake toppers... please visit Design Your Own Cake. It's nice to help someone out who is nice to others.

Happy Weekend everyone! Hope you have a great day :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Cake Bites- Yummmmy

This is going to be a quick post lol. I had an interview this morning! It looked SO relaxing. I know that sounds weird for a job- but I need something non-stressful. This job seemed awesome and the atmosphere was so nice. fingers crossed everyone!

So- tonight I am doing a craft fair. I have been baking cake bites for days I feel like....

The fiance gave me BabyCakes cake pop maker the other day. I was thrilllled!!! So for the craft fair I am making these cake pops to sell in little packages. I didn't get a picture of them finished- only of them cooling. But I will take pics at the craft fair tonight, don't worry!

But it takes 4 minutes for ever 12 cake pops. I WAS THERE FOR HOURS DOING THIS! But I think they look cute. Hopefully people will think they are yummmy. Because I swear if no one eats these I'll be upset lol. After all the time making them... ah! And especially since I would have no idea what to do with the strawberry ones if no one buys them. The fiance LOVES the chocolate ones (he actually ate like 24 of them already lol) but he doesn't like strawberry. And neither does anyone else in my house. So- I hope they sell or else I'm going to have 75 strawberry cake bites sitting around my house lol

I have to run off and get ready now. So much to do!

Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coupon Codes!

I love getting things on sale. I really do. Granted, I can't afford anything right now but still- I like to find discounts and coupon codes.

Since other people may not be unemployed like I am.. I have a couple of stores that would love to offer my readers some discounts! WooHoo! I feel excited for you guys ha ha. Yes, I may be living vicariously through my readers- but I am perfectly fine with that.

So, obviously the first one is Jewels for Hope. We all knew that one was coming.

Yep- My store is offering my lovely blog readers 15% off! Just use the code: JEWELS015. Notice there is a "zero" before the 15. I don't know why my mother made the code that way, but- there it is. haha.

The next great store is Madness Is. I found this store accidently and I am so happy I did. I love finding funky "different" clothes. This store has a punk rock flare to it- and some times, I do like wearing punk rock. I change my clothes along with my mood. These clothes look so fun- I know one day I'll be rocking them out <3

The code for 15% off of Madness Is----- JEWELS15. Now, notice there is no "zero" before the 15, like in the Jewels for Hope code!

Now. For the final and biggest percentage off code: Cajun Scent Shop!!!!!! So once you got the clothes and the jewelry--- the last thing you need? CANDLES! I know I have written a post about this shop before- but I'm doing it again. I love them. The candles are so fun and look SO lifelike, it makes me want to either eat or drink them. Look for yourself...

Aren't they lifelike! Also, I had to throw in one more- perfect for mother's day in my opinion!

HAHAHAHAHA. A Mentalpause candle! haha. I love it! I know if I had the spare cash I would get this for my mother for mother's day. She would enjoy that.

Well, Amanda from Cajun Scent Shop has so graciously offer 25% off for her store! Just enter the code: JEWELS25

I love being able to offer my readers coupon codes for reading my blog. I wish I could give you guys tons of items for free- trust me. Once I have a steady income- I'll buy you guys tons of goodies for giveaways. Just keep your fingers crossed I get a job ha ha.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Love My Mommy Giveaway- Sponsor Spotlight

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! So, I was pleasantly surprised today when I received another Versatile Blogger Award! I feel so honored. I love knowing that people actually read my blog. It makes me smile.

Now, I know this is not the rules- but I am only going to thank the blogger who gave me this award- since recently just posted something about this award and just don't have time to think of 7 NEW things about myself- trust me, I'm not that interesting. So- Home of the OHM is the blog that awarded me this great blogger award. I also love her blog as well. It always has interesting posts and her kids are just too cute! Go check her out and show some love!

Onto the post. Today I am discussing another sponsor for the "I Love My Mommy" giveaway! This fabulous sponsor is Hooked on Yarn Ct. Now, if you have read my blog before- you know I am biased about this sponsor since she is my aunt. But really- I love her stuff! A ton of my friends have purchased items from her shop and they all rave about them. Actually, one of my friends bought a scarf from my aunt, Lori, about 4-5 years ago. SHE STILL USES IT! It is in great shape and she always wears it.

I know it is technically not scarf season now- but she has a ton of other great crocheted & knitted items! My personal favorite is the Trivet. Which is odd since I am more like Carrie Bradshaw and "keep sweaters in my oven". I think I like it best because I find it awesome that she uses beer caps to make it.

Isn't it cute? Granted, I don't cook and almost burnt my house down once trying to make popcorn... but if I ever did cook- I'd use this!

Something I do actually use, is a beach bag. Because I love tanning and the beach. She has the best bags to bring with you to the beach....

One of Hooked On Yarn Ct's items will be a part of the I love My Mommy's giveaway on my blog! But of course, just like Jennie Wu Design's post- I will not be spoiling the surprise. You'll have to come back here on May 5th to find out what will be a part of the giveaway!

Relax and Make Friends Blog Hop

I Love My Mommy Giveaway- Sponsor Spotlight

I decided that my blog will be a part of the I Love My Mommy giveaway event going on from May 5-May10th. It should be a great event- so far 97 blog are giving away tons of fabulous items!

One of the sponsors for my blog is Jennie Wu Designs. This woman creates gorgeous handbags! They are so funky, I wish I could have them all. As well as having adorable creations, she works for a good cause. And we all know, I love a good cause.

Jennie gives a portion of her proceeds to her favorite animal sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society. All of her bags are made from animal-free materials as well. She has a great passion for animals and she uses her great handbags to help the cause.

Her specialty is making clutches and smaller bags- but ask her for a custom piece and she is more then happy to work with you. Here are some cute clutches she has to offer... I think they are really funky. I love the skull one!

Along with these clutches, she also has something called the Gadget Bag. It fits your cell phone, keys, cash, credit cards- everything. It is the perfect size to take with you around your wrist while walking your dog. Which I think is too cute and love that she makes something that really intertwines well with her love for animals.

Cute right? Well, one lucky winner is going to receive one of her items in the I love My Mommy giveaway going on May 5th- May10th. It will be a part of my giveaway package with tons of other fun goodies in it. But, since I love surprises... I'm going to keep you guessing on exactly which item you'll be trying to win. I guess you'll just have to come back on May 5th and see! But feel free to check out Jennie Wu Designs before hand!

PS. Happy Blog Hopping!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Gaga for Gaga... Because I was Born This Way.

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Easter weekend. I can't believe I haven't posted since Thursday! I felt like I was having heart palpitations this morning because I haven't written in so long ha ha.

My weekend was super eventful. In case you haven't read the last post, I won tickets to Ms. Lady Gaga from the Nautica Concert Series with the Prudential Center! I had such a good time, up until the last 2 hours....

So. I live in Connecticut. The concert was in Jersey. So Paul and I took a train from CT to Grand Central. Then went to Penn Station and took a train from Penn Station to Newark. It was a long haul, but Gaga is worth is. Once we actually got to the concert, it was tricky to get the right tickets. Even though I was THRILLED to win these tickets.... they were a lot of work. When we got to Will Call they gave us our tickets. Too bad they did not mention anything about the Suite we were supposed to be in along with nothing stating VIP on it. Thank god I had the smarts to print out my email stating, VIP SUITE with the suite number on it. We finally got up to the suite and it was amazzzing.

Paws up, little monsters!

Seriously, I can't do regular seating any more. Now, I am a thick woman. I get hot flashes quite regularly. Being in a suite where there is ACTUAL ROOM TO MOVE YOUR ARMS! ugh, it was heaven. I wanted to live there. I was able to move my arms around and not feel constricted. It was a beautiful thing. And Gaga was amazing. She really is so inspirational. I feel like I could watch one of her concerts every night and not get bored. This is my 2nd time seeing her and it just makes me love her even more.

So the concert was amazing, as you can tell. But then, it was the trip back home that kinda ruined my night a little bit. We got back to grand central and were taking the 1:12 train home. We were in a car where there were these two guys, that at LEAST were in their mid-late 40s. So drunk. One of them, vomited ALL. OVER. THE. CAR. All in the seat, in the asile. Everywhere. Omg, it was horrible. We moved cars but I still felt nauseous and from everything I then had to run into the train bathroom and throw up. I was so disgusted. Now, I know I have gotten drunk before- everyone has. But, I pray to God I am not that much of a mess when I am in my 40s. Hell, I know NOW what my limits are- I don't need to get obliterated to the point where I can't control my bodily functions.

So- other then that... great concert ha ha.

And something to make me SO happy.... Today I found out I won two contests from bloggers... I am thrilled! I will be doing "real" posts on them once I receive the items but I have to mention one of them now. I won a 2 week subscription to the Zone Diet from Just Married with Coupons. I am beyond happy. When I was sick for so long last year, I gained a ton of weight so this is just what I needed. So, I will be actually posting pictures of me before and after I start this diet along with measurements/weight. Omg. I'm actually nervous about that because I've never shared any of this info with anyone. But, since I feel so close to the blogging community, I trust you all. So be considerate of me please when I post this info ha ha.

Now that I have talked your ears off... Have a great Monday!!!!!!!


Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm asking for your help again....

Hi Everyone!

Tonight is the Lady Gaga concert so this post is not going to be that long. I have to go get GLAMED UP! I am finally going to use that glitter eyeshadow I mentioned in a previous post.

So. I need your help. I know I tend to ask you for help all the time, so I really appreciate everyone who helps me lol. This time, I want to try and win my mother a shopping spree.

Ming Wang Knits is giving a $3000 shopping spree to a fantastic mother for mothers day. I nominated my mother because she is just absolutely amazing. Who evers story on fb gets the most "likes" is in the running for the shopping spree.

Let me tell you a little bit about my mother....Here is what I wrote on fb:

Stevie Lynn D'Andrea
My mother, Sandy D'Andrea, definetly deserves this prize. For almost 7 years she took care of her mother suffering from Parkinson's disease. My mom had to quit her job and stay home and take care of her. We moved houses since my grandmother couldn't do the stairs in ours. After my grandmother passed away two years ago my mother starte...d a jewelry compa...ny called Jewels for Hope. We donate portions of our proceeds to Hospice, the American Parkinson's Association, and Michael J Foxes Research foundation. My mother doesn't want anyone to go through what my grandmother did. My mom has been a rock through this all, along with taking care of myself and my two younger sisters. I personally don't think I would have been able to keep it together like she has.

This picture was taken when we were in Ocean City. Now, another reason my mother really should win this prize is because, she will give her own items to random strangers. On this trip, we were walking down the boardwalk looking in all the fun shops. My mother met a girl, from russia, who was working in one of the shops. She commented on how much she liked my mothers purse.

My mother went right back to the hotel, emptied the purse out, and brought it back to the girl. She said it was meant for her.

My mother does stuff like this all the time. She really does deserve something nice espeically after taking care of sick family members for so long (me included.).

So, if you have any time- please go to this website "like" Ming Wang knits. Then go down to my name (Stevie Lynn D'Andrea) and "like" my post.


Have a fantastic Friday everyone! I'll make sure to take some great Gaga pics!

ps- don't mind the layout of this post. I'm on my house computer and for some reason it always screws up posts in blogger.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cute Cupcake Candles

I am a sucker for candles. I can't help it. I love them. I have about 20 different candles in my room, all over the place. Just like my addiction to shoes, I have an addiction to candles. I embrace it completely.

Once I get a job or any form of income, I want to buy one of these cupcake candles from Cajun Scent Shop. They look so pretty I think I would actually have a problem using it at first. I would just want it as decoration.


I was even thinking way in advanced when I saw the next candles I am showing you below. THEY ARE DRINKS. Strawberry Colada please? Margarita? Um. Yes. I was thinking maybe once I have my wedding (which is still 2 years away) it's an idea to get my wedding party some of these fun candles. Isn't that a good idea?

Don't they look good enough to drink?

Well, Amanda from Cajun Scent Shop is offering Jewels for Hope readers a 25% off coupon code to her shop! All you have to do is enter the code below at checkout:


This promotion will go on until May 20th! If you buy anything from her, please let me know how cute they are and what you decided to go with. If I could, I would buy them all. But, as you know... being unemployed kind of limits your cash flow. ha ha.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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Hi everyone! I hope your having a great morning! I am actually too excited to blog right now. I'm sorry! Um, this morning- I found out I won tickets to LADY GAGA THIS FRIDAY! I am super duper excited. I actually saw her in concert last year.....but it was while I was sick. So that day I went to the concert I had been puking all morning. So I went to the concert even though I felt so shitty and couldn't really enjoy myself as much as I normally would have. So the fact that I won these concert tickets make me so happy. My friend Paul will be accompanying me this time- he also was with me last time too. And last time I felt so crappy I wanted to leave halfway through and was just not myself. SO THIS TIME WE COULD BE GAGA FOR GAGA!!!!!!!!

Sorry. Had to get that out. Hope you all have a fantastic day! Happy blog hopping :)