Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Healthy Safe New Year!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Healthy Safe New Year! I hope everyone rings in the new year with happiness- and I hope all has great time tonight.

Myself, I'll be spending New Years Eve at my friend Carli's house (same thing as last year, shown below haha). Nothing wild and crazy- jut good friends, good food, and trying my hardest to stay up til midnight! Because, yes, I am old and cannot make it til midnight most nights. I better have a nap at some point today because I do love to see that ball drop.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oscars Gift Lounge Preparation!

I'm running slow on this one folks....

We have a TON of bracelets done... just not the packaging yet. Need to work on that.

The Oscars Gift Lounge is in Feb. We need to have everything completed within the next month. I'm cutting it a bit close haha.

So for now, since I have no packaging to show you (yet..... but trust me - you'll want to check back and see it!) I will give you a little sneak preview of some of the bracelets going into the Swag Bags... and our Display Piece! So exciting!

This is our display piece.

I'm in love with it! It's so Old Hollywood. <3 Made with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Pearls.

We can totally picture someone like Meryl Streep wearing this. *Oh, to dream!*

Now, on to some of our bracelets....

Swarovski Crystal Leather Cord Braclets.

Like a rainbow!!! I love this picture! They look so fun here.

Now... I should get to the packaging. Wish me luck-- here's to procrastinating!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boston Tea Company Review and Giveaway!

I am a big tea drinker. I love the taste- My favorite tea being Green Tea. I know, a ton of people hate green tea. You really have to aquire a taste for it- but I absolutely LOVE it.

So when I got the opportunity to try out Boston Tea Company's tea, I was just thrilled! I love trying new teas an different flavors- so Boston Tea Company was nice enough to send me a few samples of tea to try out.

Peppermint Candy Cane Black Tea
Raspberry Green Tea
Minty Mint Green Tea 
Blueberry White Tea
Bombay Chai Rooibos

Don't they just sound delicious! Just the combinations alone sound yummy.

Before I get into the reviews of the Tea- here is a little bit about Boston Tea Company!

"The Boston Tea Company began during the historic Boston Tea Party, when our founders salvaged crates of undamaged tea from Boston Harbor in 1773.  Now, over 200 years later, we have successfully fused Old World with New! Our prized teas originate in the lush plantations of Sri Lanka and the mountainous regions of India and China.

They are hand-picked at the peak of perfection and processed by artisans using traditional Old World techniques, before delicately blending them to assure the most flavorable tasting teas.

With tea perceived as today's healthy beverage of choice, the Boston Tea Company has become a leading purveyor of the highest quality teas, appreciated by connoisseurs around the world.

Our master tea blenders travel the globe to seek the finest teas, the rarest herbs, and the most exotic spices for our superior Boston Tea products."

Feel free to go and check out their site! They have such an assortment of teas that can suit everyone's tastes.

Now. On to my favorites.

I normally am not a Blueberry person. Don't know why- I usually just stay clear of anything Blueberry flavored.

The Blueberry White tea was one of my favorite samples. The aroma first got me- it was so soothing and relaxed me instantly. It wasn't overpowering- it was just enough. Once I started drinking it I was instantly hooked. It is delicious.

With every sip you just get a hint of blueberry- which is so refreshing it keep you wanting more and more.

My other favorite out of the bunch was the Raspberry Green Tea.


This tea has an even lighter aroma and taste of Raspberry then the Blueberry tea. I had this tea at night to relax me. It was perfect. 

I would recommend the Raspberry Green Tea for someone who is JUST starting to get into drinking Green Tea- or already loves it. Great for both! 

It has a nice flavor to it-- and when you are just starting to drink Green Tea, I feel a lot of people think it is too harsh. With the Raspberry incorporated in it makes it a little easier to handle. Personally- I love the taste of Green Tea with or without flavor- this Raspberry Green Tea really hit the spot for me.

The thing I love most about this tea is the way the teabags were made. I have never seen this and wish I could capture a picture of me doing this. I'll do my best to explain...

The string of the tea bag is inside the bag itself. You pull it out and voilla- ready to steep. I've only ever seen teabags where the string is wrapped around the outside. I thought this was so original- I loved it! Now, you may think I'm nuts and you always see this- but I never have so I thought it was fabulous!

Now. Onto the giveaway....

Boston Tea Company was so sweet they are offering one of my fabulous readers a $20 Gift Certificate to their site! 

Want to win?

Enter the rafflecopter form below. US. Only, 18+.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**I received products free of charge- but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and are no way influenced by receiving these products for no cost.**

Jewels For Hope Featured on Craftsyble

Hi All!

We are so lucky- we were featured on Craftsyble! They will be featuring a ton of different artisans that will be participating in the Golden Globes Gift Lounge through The Artisan Group.

CLICK HERE to view the article on Craftysble!

The Golden Globes Gift Lounge is less than a month away! Which just makes me giddy with happiness! We are so excited about it and can't wait to see how our jewelry will be accepted with all of the celebs and press. We are just a small town company- this is sooo big for us- we are still in a bit of shock about it!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Jewels For Hope- Golden Globes Event Guide

Hi All!

The Golden Globes Gift Lounge is less than a month away! Woo Hoo! So excited!

Here is the fabulous Event Guide we are featured in. This will be handed out at the actual event to all of the Celebs and Important People there!!

*So Excited*

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Hello All!

Yes, I have been writing only 1-3 times a week lately, rather then my normal every day posting- everything with J4H and now the holidays has kept me super busy!

I want to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy, Safe Weekend- with tons of family & friends, with way too much delicious food, and filled with laughter!!!


and stay tuned... Monday may have a new giveaway coming up here! Woo Hoo- so be sure to stop by <3

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Guess What Will Be on ABC's The Middle?

My aunt Lori, also known in the Etsy world as Hooked On Yarn CT, will have one of her fabulous scarves on ABC's The Middle!

How exciting is that!! It will be on the show on January 18th! I am so excited for her! I can't believe it. This is huge, HUGE! How fun!

Here is the scarf that will be featured:

One of her fancy dancy swirly scarves!

I love these scarves. They are so warm and go with everything. I love the ruffles. SO CUTE!

So be sure to watch The Middle on January 18th to see this fab scarf! Woo Hoo!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Like a Chicken with My Head Cut Off!

I have been running around like a mad woman. I swear, I can't believe it is almost Christmas. I have been so focused on Jewels For Hope I feel it is all I am doing lately! I go to work, come home, and work on J4H.

I have missed writing so much. I feel so much better when I am blogging, and I haven't had a spare minute to do it. It saddens me, but I'm not complaining! I love Jewels For Hope and I'm so happy I have actually been busy! It's a definitely a good busy!

I hope everyone in the blogging world is happy and healthy and I hope you all are having a good December!

One of the reason's I have been super busy is because my mother is a nut job.

Yes, a nut job.

As most of you know, we are participating in the 2012 Golden Globes & 2012 Oscars Gift Lounges. We nee d to make 200 pieces, package, and ship them to be in these fabulous lounges.

It's a TON of work.

Well, the Golden Globes items have been sent out to The Artisan Group ready to go for the event.


Which is why I have been going crazy haha. We had 30 necklaces completed for the gift lounge- and then she decided to change it to bracelets.

Yes, I personally think the bracelets will go over much better-but now we have to start from scratch.

So- a good busy-yes, but still- veryyyy busy.

We'll get everything perfect though. We always do-we work well under pressure ..... well, my mother does. an then she calms me down- so it's okay.

Here are some samples of what the bracelets we are making look like. All Leather Cord bracelets with Swarovski Pearls and Crystals. All different designs, buttons, patterns! I love it! I'll definitely do some more posting about the packaging (which you will CRACK UP AT) and our journey through this!

What do you think?! :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jewels For Hope Partnered with Give Back Brands for a Someday by Justin Bieber event at Macy's!

Big things have been happening with us over the past week or so! We have been so busy, it is a good kind of busy though- that kind of busy you love!
I know you are dying to figure out what we have been up to!
Well, on December 3rd we partnered with Give Back Brands for an exclusive Someday by Justin Bieber event at Macy’s, sponsored by People Magazine.
All of those amazing, high profile names, in the same sentence as Jewels For Hope. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well, IT WAS!
We had to make 150 necklaces for the event- in 10 days. Yes, 10 days- 150 necklaces. Which is why I haven’t been around much, since that’s all we did. I helped my mother make some of the necklaces, but once we had a substantial amount- I started packaging, while she was creating.
We designed a gorgeous Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Necklace- in silver and gold- with Justin’s birthstone and his favorite color included.
Everyone at Macy’s wanted the necklace! The employees were coming up asking if they needed the buy the perfume in order to get the necklace because THEY ONLY WANTED THE NECKLACE! That was the biggest compliment! We couldn’t believe it!
Another thing we couldn’t believe?
People Magazine sent out a special E-Invite to all of their readers…. And WE WERE INCLUDED! Take a look……
We are so excited, and still can’t believe that we were mentioned by People Magazine. Even though this event was almost a week ago, I am still in shock that we did it. I know my mother feels the same way.
The best part about it all- we had SO much fun at the event! The event reps we met were THE SWEETEST people, so great to work with, so personable, and we all just had the best time. We were bopping along to Justin’s Holiday Album played by the Dj for the full event- we were talking to absolutely everyone, and got our name out there. Nothing could have made that day any better.
We are so grateful for this opportunity and I know this will stay in our hearts for many years to come. This was absolutely perfect; and my mother was such a hit at the event, I am so proud of her! Without her, I know I would have been a stumbling idiot and messing up my words and shaking from nerves! She calms me down (surprisingly) and keeps me relaxed—because she is just so loud and crazy that everyone focuses on her haha. 

Please take a look at some of our photos from the event!

Monday, December 5, 2011

We're a Recessionista!

Today we were featured on Recessionista, which is Nicole Lapin's website! So exciting!

You can read THE TRUTH about what is it like working with your mother (or vise-versa). You can definitely see our personalities shinning through this article! My mother and I were sitting here CRACKING UP while reading the whole thing. You can tell we were just ourselves for this interview.

Please check it out (and feel free to comment on it also!). It is so "us". 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

TG Bears- The Perfect Holiday Gift!

I have to tell you about this amazing shop that I think would be the perfect gift for anyone for the Holidays! Yes, I said everyone- because I know even though I am a 25 year old woman- I like Teddy Bears. 
TG Bears has the cutest bears!! Monica, the owner, makes each bear special and she can add cute personal touches to the bears like a name or initials on the bear. How cute! I actually love teddy bears--- My fiancé bought me a teddy bear when we first started dating, and ever since- I have been hooked!
TG Bears has such an assortment of bears! There is even Holiday Bears!

These are a limited amount of randomly selected bears that have been reduced for the holidays. Their price tag is 50% off the normal price. Hello- 50% off!  Um, I love anything 50% off. Especially when it is cute and cudly.
What kid wouldn’t want a teddy bear for Christmas?

A little bit about Monica…..

My name is Monica and I have a long standing love for teddy bears and that is how TG Bears was born. It is a bear family that started with a Classic Teddy called Theodore, but has since grown to include a lot of others. But no matter who they are, they sport their family emblem on their left sole, leaving no doubt as to their heritage. The right sole can be personalized for yourself or that special person.

I make all the bears you see on this website myself from start to finish, there is no modular sewing operation. Each bear is made with love, fashioned with affection and hugged when completed. By nature of being handmade, each bear has a slightly different “something” about them, making no two exactly identical in features and expression.

There is all kinds of bears at TG Bears… from Classic To Cute Military!

And some exciting news from Monica…. TG Bears gifted items to Jessica Alba and Hilary Duff  in association with the exclusive Artisan Group.

Jessica's Bear

Hilary's Bear

You have got to click those links and check it out! How awesome is that? These celebs each received special bears, made from the heart <3

So- if you’re looking for that special holiday gift – definitely check out TG Bears!

Give Back Brands, has partnered with Jewels For Hope for an exclusive "Someday" by Justin Bieber fragrance event with Macy’s!!!!

So much has been going on, I apologize for not being around! Wait until you hear this though...

Give Back Brands, has partnered with Jewels For Hope for an exclusive 

"Someday" by Justin Bieber fragrance event with Macy’s!!!!

Yes, you read that correctly!

We will be participating in an event at MACYS this Saturday, hosted by People Magazine. 

We were asked to make 150 necklaces within a week and a half for this event. Which is why I 
haven't really been on the computer since Black Friday. We are working like crazy to get everything set for the big day!

We will be taking tons of pictures of the event and I will definitely come back here and show you!

I am so backed up on all of my posts, I apologize. Stay tuned for some great sponsor posts as well as more info on our happenings!

Big Things Are Happening! Woo Hoo! <3

Wish Us Luck!