Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Family. Mine, in particular!

Today we’ll talk about my mother. Oh, the things I could say about her, ha ha. She is an extraordinary woman. Now, I know I know, most people always say that about their own mothers. But mine is kind of unique. She cackles like a freaking banshee for starters. She lives in plaid shirts and paint stained shorts. She’s a worker. Every random person comes up and talks to her… not just for a minute or so; you know, small talk about the weather? No. none of that. People come up to her and tell her their life stories. That’s my mother.

I remember a couple years ago… we always go on vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. We love it there. It has the great boardwalk and the beach right there! ah, love at first site! Well… a couple of years ago we were walking on the boardwalk. A nice family bonding moment. And someone, OF COURSE, comes up and starts talking to my mother. She’s a young woman, probably mid 20’s, here from Russia to work for the summer. Well, she commented on my mother’s purse and how much she loved it. My mother talked to her for about 20 minutes. We walked back down the boardwalk to our hotel and stayed in for the night. Well, the next day my mother cleaned out the purse and walked back down the boardwalk.. She found that girl and handed her the purse. My mother's response... “she needed it more then me”.

That really is the best description of my mother. She’s loud. Happy. Generous. She literally would give the clothes off her back to someone who needed them. Trust me, she isn’t a saint but then again, who really is?

Well, the past couple of weeks she’s been sick. I feel horrible for her. I wish there was more I could do. The new meds she’s on are not working well for her. Even sick though, she still manages to sit up for hours making jewelry. Below is some of the stuff from this week. AMAZING, right? I can’t get over it. Then again, I am sort of biased on this seeing as how she IS my mother!

I know I have a very different dynamic in my house then most people do within their own. My family is completely nuts. We are so dysfunctional but in that perfectly sane way. Music is always playing. No ifs ands or buts about it. We can’t have silence, it just isn’t us. Our house is always full of kids running around. We scream. We dance in the kitchen. We live.

I feel bad for some families who don’t experience a little fun. You haveta let loose, don’t always live in such a cookie cutter world. I will say, some people/families like living like that. Never having music playing, never shouting, always having things in their proper place. My father’s family is like that. They hate coming over our house. It’s always “too loud” for them.

Maybe my family is a little too loud for most people. Maybe just a little too crazy. But hell, I’d rather live in a crazy, messed up world, than be bored for the rest of my life. What do you think?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Technology is the world we live in

Technology makes me laugh. I say this because everyone relies on technology SO much nowadays. Listen to my story…

This past weekend, I went to Boston to with my boyfriend and my friend and her husband. They are celebrating their 12th year anniversary (ah! I can’t imagine that!) Well, it was a FANTASTIC weekend. Gorgeous weather, great company, shopping, food, drinks! OH MY! I needed a nice weekend away, and that was just what I got.

Before getting into this little technology issue, let’s give ya some more info on my weekend (because yes, I know, you are dying to know!). We went to DICKS. Let me tell you, they really are dicks there! The whole appeal of this restaurant is that the waiters are allowed to be mean and rude to you. To work there has to be the greatest freaking job ever. Waiting tables, I will admit, sucks (past experience, obviously); but to be able to be completely rude and obnoxious to the customers- FANTASTIC. I was incredibly jealous that they got to act this way.

So we got our Dicks, and then went on a cute carriage ride around the city. I know, gag. Normally; I’m not the “romantic” type. My boyfriend takes the cake on that one.
My friends went on it years ago when they were celebrating another anniversary in Boston (catch a theme?) so we all decided to go on a ride together. It was nice- I’ll give it that much. But $40 for 20 minutes. REALLY? I could walk for 20 minutes for free and at least work off the delicious fried food I ate at Dicks earlier….

Now onto the main topic. TECHNOLOGY.

For Christmas, me being the amazing girlfriend that I am, bought my boyfriend (we’ll call him METS- can you guess why?) a GPS. Yep, a nice fancy, dancy GPS. He claims he has played around with the settings and actually uses it from time to time, but we find out later on that’s a bunch of bull.

We’re at the hotel yesterday, ready to go back to Quincy Market for some last minute items. The night before, since we all wanted to relax and throw back a few drinks, we took the train in. So this is the first time we actually have to get use out of the GPS. I purposely am watching what he’s doing- just to see if he knows how to work it. *Mind you, I sell GPS’S and so does my friend who I’m with so we both know what we’re doing (for the most part that is). I watch him carefully, he feels my eyes on him, and I see there are 3 different options for the address he JUST entered in. He looks at me with that confused look **you all know that look**.

He picks an address and starts saying directions. We’re on our merry way and I look over again. I see the GPS is off. I lean over and I’m like, “did the battery die” “what happened”? He shushs me (yea, shusshs me!) and starts telling the driver (my friend's husband) more directions. Now. THE GPS IS STILL FREAKING OFF. He keeps giving directions like he knows where he is. The GPS finally turns back on and it takes us in a fucking square.

At this point, my friend (we’ll call her MISSY) takes the GPS from METS –finally! We park in a dunkin donuts, because obviously since driving around for 20 minutes has gotten us no where- we may as well get some coffee(YUM).

I started laughing so hard, my makeup I just put on started running down my face. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. He would have the settings like that.

This goes to show you; technology is too much a part of our lives. Granted, I can’t go anywhere without my ipod, blackberry, and digital camera- but hey, who can leave the house without the essentials! We relied on this GPS wayyyy too much since it HAS to be right. No…….. it doesn’t. On top of all of those freaking settings turned on, my fantastic, amazing boyfriend chose the freaking wrong address originally out of the 3 that popped up (yea, surprise surprise!)

If we did the standard “map” directions we would have gotten there in about 10 minutes. Technology seeps in and that’s all we rely on now. Sad, pathetic, yet that’s just the way it is.

METS now says “it was bonding time for us” since we got lost on the way to Quincy. Yea, trying to cover his ass – I know. But I did have a fun time getting lost in the middle of Boston. Next time, no GPS for us. Next time, I’m grabbing a standard map and having that guide us there… well, I say that now. Maybe next time I’ll just have METS be banned from using the GPS and it will probably work out just as well as a map. I’ll keep you updated on my next adventure.

We head to Ohio in May. THAT should be interesting <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Long Necks Down!


I will not be going out celebrating this drunken holiday this year. So I figured a pretty picture from a previous St. Patty's day will suffice. Maybe if I didn't spend all my money for the week at Foxwoods I would venture out, but "what ifs" aren't really my thing.

So, its hump day today. THANK GOD. Two more days until this fabulous weekend and I couldn't be more excited. It's supposed to reach the 60's so I'm looking forward to some nice outdoor weather where I don't have to bundle up in 20 million layers.

On to bigger and better things...
I am really starting to love this blog. I feel upset when I don't get the chance to post or look around on other blogs throughout the day. I wish there was a few extra hours per day just so I can browse around. I never really thought I would be like this once starting this blog. I thought I would write just to promote our company- which, I do promote it throughout my blog (c'mon, I can't let you off that easy!)- but it's WAY more than that. I feel connected to this.

I've been browsing through so many blogs lately, I feel I want to give some shout outs.

Wall Flower Studio
This woman is an AMAZING artist. I absolutely love everything she puts on her blog. It's so creative it keeps me coming back for more. One of my favorites is Art Nouveau - Morning Glory. Check it out- it's worth it!

Diva on a Diet
This Diva always has great recipes on her blog. And of course, you can't forget about Thirsty Thursdays! My favorite! I'm not the best cook in the world (understatement of the year!). I'm more of a Carrie Bradshaw woman and keep shoes in my oven. But a lot of this Diva's recipes do not seem that complicated for even ME to make!

Joy Frequencies

This woman is very insightful. I love reading her blog. It always keeps me thinking long after I'm off her page. Also, the pictures she puts with her page= LOVE.

The Fabulous Bitch
I gotta give it up to the Fabulous Bitch. Her "A Story For Every Picture" gets me every time! She is absolutely hysterical, in that perfectly bitchy way.

So those are my shout outs for now. They an amazing group of bloggers. Take some time and check them out! IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

PS. Stay safe tonight. No drunk driving allowed. And try not to embarrass yourself too much- trust me, from personal experience, it isn't cool.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi, my name is Stevie and I have a gambling addiction.

That statement really, says it all. I went to the casino this weekend. BAD DECISION. I dropped $240. Of course I went the same day my automatic payment for my loan comes out of my checking account- why wouldn't it be the EXACT SAME DAY! Yea, so down $240 at the casino. It was a mess. My boyfriend, literally had to drag me away from the slots. Not my proudest moment in the relationship. Well, to be honest, I think what is worst is that I offered to do some of his favorite things for him, if he would spot me $20 more dollars and let me stay 10 minutes longer. THAT, MY FRIENDS, IS ROCK BOTTOM.

Now, this picture was taken about a year ago, but the result is the same from this past weekend. SAD FACE.

Before going to the casino I made my mother make me a ring for good luck. It had a topaz crystal in it which is supposed to bring money and luck. I must say, it was working for awhile. Until I got greedy and lost it all!

I think I now admit I have a problem. It hit me earlier on in the day, before even getting to the casino. I have fake nails on. I love them, adore them, need to have them on. Well, 2 of my nails fell off on Saturday. I was WAY overdue for getting a fill. Well, instead of going to get my nails done on Sunday morning, I wanted to save the $15 to gamble. I walked around with 2 missing nails, one on each hand, and didn't even care. THAT, TO ME, IS SCARY. I knew then and there that I had an issue.

The one bonus of the night was that my boyfriend won a couple hundred. I told him he should spend it on me. I think that's fair. Don't you? I deserve it. I'm not talking about buying me diamonds or something crazy like that. Just dinner. Perfectly reasonable.

Addictions can be a horrible thing. Well, some addictions. I don't feel all addictions are that bad. My addiction to coffee has gotten me through my fair share of rough mornings. My mother's addiction to making jewelry (yes, I say it's an addiction since she HAS to do it daily) has made a company from nothing. Addiction isn't always bad. Granted, an addiction that makes your boyfriend have to drag you out of a casino- not great. But, I think I've discussed that enough for one post.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Quote of the Day!

"The only true currency in this bankrupt world, is what two people share when they are uncool"

Steven Visible Pictures, Images and Photos

This is one of my all time favorite quotes. I remember the first time I ever saw this movie. It was my 2nd year of college. My roomate IS Penny Lane. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. She is her. She got me hooked on this movie and to this day it is one of my favorites.

This quote struck home with me. For me, it is a true fact. The best times I have is when I am society's definition of "uncool" with my friends. Notice how I say "society's definition", since really... what is "uncool"? I never thought of cool and uncool. I thought either someone was interesting or they weren't; in my own opinion. When I was younger, and hell, even still today- I am what society would say is "uncool". I embrace it entirely.
I laugh a little too loud and tend to snort while doing it. My hair is gigantic and gets in everyone's way. I wear too much eye makeup. I dance to the music playing in my head. My jokes originate from Will and Grace, The Golden Girls, or The Nanny. I talk way too fast for some people to comprehend. I fall walking up the stairs. I fall asleep most nights by 10:00. I smile to myself while watching tv.

This quote, is what life is about. Being different. Loving your "uncool" side. No one is that "cookie cutter cool person" who never trips going down stairs. EVERYONE has that "uncool" side. Embrace it. Nurture it. Love it. It's what keeps us unique and interesting.

Take a minute to really think about this quote. Think about the times when you were a little bit uncool. The people out there that think their shit don't stink and they are "cool"... Look again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A simple THANK YOU would be kind.

What happened to manners? Somewhere along the way they got trampled on the side of the road along with courtesy and kindness. Ever feel that way? I am just shocked at the way this world is sometimes, that I feel an entire post should be dedicated to this. Aren't you lucky!

Just simply saying "thank you" to someone, before cutting them off on a turn may make it a little bit easier to swallow. Or holding the door open for someone. ANYTHING. Just show some sort of kindness to prove you're actually a decent human being.

Let me tell you ahead of time, I'm the worlds biggest clutz. I drop everything, trip over my own two feet, and then laugh hysterically (most likely while dropping something else). The other day, in a frantic mess while running into work (god forbid I punch in 30 seconds late) I am fumbling with my lunch box (yes, I said lunch box), umbrella, coffee, purse, and key into the building. So, of course- my umbrella is closed by this point- I go to open the door to the building. My umbrella springs to life and while I try my freaking hardest to close it, the metal rod pokes a hole into my coffee cup (pause for laughter).

Coffee is the only thing that gets me through the day. I was not giving up THAT easily! I manage my belongings, still standing outside the building, and figure a way to hold everything while slanting the coffee cup so coffee doesn't go everywhere. I run into the office, run to the water cooler to get a cup, and what happens you ask? Coffee goes everywhere. I was able to save one tiny Styrofoam cup full (which really was just the biggest tease ever) but at least I was able to save some of it.

Well, wouldn't you know- other people come into work at this time too? Who would have thought! They see me, hands and knees on the floor trying to scoop up as much coffee as humanly possible with a broken Styrofoam cup. You would think someone would say "need some help?". NOPE. 1 person out of 5 who CLIMBED OVER ME asked me if I needed help. ONE. PERSON. 5 other freakin people CLIMBED OVER ME to get to their desk. LAUGHING. I was FURIOUS. Granted, I didn't need their help- I'm a big girl, and know how to clean up my mess alone. But really, would it have killed them to ask?

Courtesy, kindness, and manners are dead. They are squashed into the ground. That saddens me. Granted, I'm not the nicest person in the world. When someone cuts me off I sure as hell scream curse words at the top of my lungs while giving them the evil eye as they drive off. But if I saw someone, struggling, hands and knees on the floor scooping up coffee- I would offer to help. I would still laugh, but hell, I would get on my knees and scoop with them.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry for the delay!!!

It's been a couple of days... a LONG couple of days. As you all know, I had a busy weekend ahead of me- 3 birthdays, 3 days. Well.. of course I would get sick during that time! Why wouldn't it turn out that way?

Well, before the sickness took hold of me late Saturday night, I was able to make my sisters birthday cake! I'm not thrilled with the way it came out, but it somewhat resembles a zebra so I'm happy with it :)

Isn't it cute! The image is a tad blurry, but it's the best my little phone can manage.
This took me a good 3 hours to make/design. My sister was sitting there the whole time laughing at me. She's lucky I didn't throw it in her face ha ha. But it went over very well at the party on Sunday, thank you very much.

On to bigger and better things. THE SUN WAS SHINING TODAY! Finally! I am just sick of this cold, snowy weather. Of course, I've been stuck in my cubicle for the past 7 hours so I couldn't technically enjoy this great weather- but I guess I can't win them all.

When logging on today I was very happy to see another blogger mention my blog on her page! I was actually honored. She is an amazingly Fabulous Bitch who writes what she wants, when she wants it. I love it!

All of my life my mother always told me to "stand up for myself" to "be a bitch" (like my sisters, ha!); I try, I really do. But most of the time, pushover central is where I stay. I'm not a fan of confrontation. The Fabulous Bitch really speaks up and is passionate about what she believes in. I give her tons of credit.

Every now and then I get my "bitchy" moments (1 week out of the month that is).. but most of the time its only given to those special people, my family. Whenever I do actually get up the nerve to speak up for myself (not within my family) its a momentous occasion- usually rewarded by a nice night of drinking...

One day... One day, I'll show my mother what an amazing bitch I can be. Until then... the sun is shining and I'm smiling!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today is a rough day.

So.. no fashion writing today. No happy blogging. At the moment, I'm just mad as hell. I don't work a glamorous job, but I put in 110% almost every day (yes, almost- there are those days where I just want to sit and do nothing!).

Well, I am sick and tired of men thinking they can step all over me. Honestly, all of the men at my job continually treat me like crap. There are tons of high powered women who work with me, so I'm not sure if they are treating me like a doormat because I'm a woman, or because I am not as "high up" in the office food chain as they are. Either way, enough is enough.

Even though this job isn't my dream job, I put my best into this. I do an insane amount of work, and sometimes I just want to scream from the stress (as most people in their jobs. This is normal.) If I have one more man refuse to answer me for days, I might just go into their office and say "HI, I'M THE WOMAN YOU HAVE BEEN AVOIDING FOR 3 DAYS.. CAN YOU ANSWER MY FREAKIN EMAIL?".

That probably won't go over well... WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Luckily I have Friday off this week to make my sister's birthday cake. That will give me a little time to de-stress. One more day is all I have to keep saying. But after that, every day I'm going to keep saying, just one more day. How many day's do I have to wait for them to take me seriously?

This picture sums everything up for me at least. Thanks for listening to me vent for a bit. Here are some more funny cartoons... they brightened my day up a bit!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Armani; Designer or Motivator?

We all know I like to think of outfits in my head from time to time (or every time I go shopping). Well, I have this Armani dress that I've had since 2008 that I still haven't been able to squeeze into (let's say I put on the freshman 15 after getting out of college). Well, I currently have it hanging in my room for me to look at day in and day out. It actually has been motivating me to actually work out in hopes I can wear this dress!

Let me give you a little backstory. First off, I could NEVER afford a dress like this. I can barely afford a dress from Target at this point. I interned at Armani my final semester at FIT.

See me! I'm the last person on the right hand side, front row. Not my greatest picture, but hey; I'm standing with Giorgio Armani- I'm fine with not looking my best. Well, the amazing people I worked with at Armani was how I came across this dress (and a fabulous bag that is still nicely tucked inside it's box, making sure the elements don't hurt it).

So... This dress I've had for 2 years has been, up until a month ago, sitting in the back of my closet getting no action. Since deciding to hang it in my room I've done pretty well. No drastic changes, but lifestyle changes. Which, is really all I can ask for. I tried finding a picture online of this dress, but I guess with new fashions coming out every other minutes, it's no longer available. Well, I already have all of my accessories ready for this dress.
Of course, a necklace made by yours truly and then a pair of great studded black heels.

Since I have no picture to show now, we'll make it a surprise for the future. We'll see if by July (it's a short sleeveless dress) I can fit into it. And if so, you'll see me- accessories and all, in the dress!

So I start off with my original question. Designer or Motivator? For this I'm going to go with motivator. Hey, if his fashions are able to make me workout every day rather then being the couch potato I normally am- power to him!