Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Oscars Gift Lounge!

The Oscars Gift Lounge was this past weekend! We can't believe it went by so fast!

100 celebrities received our Swarovski Crystal Leather Cord Bracelets!

Along with those bracelets, we had our specialty Hospice Awareness Necklace on display for celebs to take photos with! Want to see our photo?

Cloris Leachman!

We absolutely love Cloris Leachman. We think she is as crazy as we are and love her for it! 

Along with Cloris, posing with our necklace The Artisan Group got a ton of other great celebrity photos! Here are some more (that just happen to have our necklace in the background!).

Melissa McCarthy!

Marcia Gay Harden!

Nat Faxon!

Samantha Harris!

I love these pictures! What do you all think? If you want to see more great photos check out The Artisan Group's Facebook Page!

And... for a great video from Mingle Media that shows our necklace and all of the other fabulous products from The Artisan Group!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

GBK #Oscars Gift Lounge- Day 1! #GBKOscarsLounge

Yesterday was the first day of The Oscars Gift Lounge!

We were patiently waiting by the computer all day. We created jewelry, watched movies, and had the computer within arms reach all day to find out who is making their way through the amazing gift lounge.

Some amazing celebs went through the gift lounge yesterday!! I know you are dying for me to "name drop" so I'll give you just a couple....Marcia Gay Harden, Holly Robinson-Peete, Sasha Pieterse, Tess Hunt, and many many more!

Now, onto the fabulous photos of this amazing display from The Artisan Group!!! See if you can spot out our necklace?!?!

And... we were so excited... Holly Robinson-Peete answered us in a tweet yesterday! Portions of the profits from GBK's Oscars Gift Lounge goes to her organization, that supports Autism and Parkinson's Disease <3

We hope she got our bracelet color-coded for Parkinson's Disease. We love what her organization does and are so honored she gets one of our bracelets!

Now.. on to Day Two!! <3 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jewels For Hope featured on WFSB News Channel 3!

We were featured on WFSB News Channel 3!

We were contacted by them after our article in the New Haven Register! They actually contacted us! We were so excited about that.

We were supposed to meet last week and they rescheduled saying they'll call us this week. We were pumped. We have gotten so much press from The Oscars that we are still going ga-ga over it!

Well.... WFSB's Dan Kain called us at 12:00 in the afternoon yesterday.... saying he was coming at 1:00.


Only. One. Hour.

I kept saying that the entire time I was speeding home from my job. Yep, I was at work at 12. That means I had LESS than an hour to get ready.

The interview went amazing! I was able to throw on some cute clothes... get my hair out of my messy bun and restraighten it a bit... and throw some makeup on.

Funny thing? I think I looked the best in this interview than any other one. Maybe I should only take 15 minutes to get ready from now on... yea right. LOL

Oscars Gift Lounge is in 2 DAYS <3 YAY!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Get 10% Off & #FreeShipping in Honor of The #Oscars

We are running a great sale to get everything on our site 10% off and FREE SHIPPING! Yes, we want to give all of you amazing followers a little something for being so great.

Along with this discount, we will throw in a little surprise gift for you if you place your order using this discount code: Oscars10

We have a ton of items being listed on our site daily ( or at least we try to do as many a day as we can LOL).
Below are some of the bracelets that will actually be going to The Oscars or MTV Movie Awards Swag Bags!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't Eat What You Don't Know.

For Valentine's Day I got my fiance the best gift ever. A Bacon Scented Candle from Pics Petals & Scents. Since the fiance absolutely LOVES bacon, he adored this candle. I have gotten numerous texts since Valentines Day about how delicious his room smells now.

Well, Marcy, the owner of this amazing Candle and Soap shop (check her out!) was kind enough to give me a little surprise gift in my package when she sent the candle. Since she knew it was a Valentine's gift for my man, she put a little Valentine's Card in there and then attached a little baggie of soap looking like cupid. It was a tiny little thing, somewhat resembling this soap I found on her site:

*OMG, I love this Dog Soap!!!

I don't actually HAVE the soap Marcy included anymore... here's why.

One night recently the fiance and I were in my room watching a movie. Now, I tend to be focused too much on Jewels For Hope most of the time- so my room realllly isn't as neat and tidy as I would want it. I had left the box Marcy sent me right on my dresser, with a ton of stuff in it that I had just thrown in there.

The fiance was playing with some paper- his back to me- so I couldn't see what he was doing. I asked him a couple of times what he was getting into-- with him saying "nuthin."

 All of a sudden I see him slightly turn and pop the soap into his mouth. I DIED.

I started screaming "THAT'S SOAP!!!" and "That's what you get for trying to be sneaky!!". He thought it was  a Valentine's Chocolate Candy- since men don't read anything before eatting--- since RIGHT on the package it clearly states Soap.

This absolutely made my day. Marcy made this Valentine's day such a special one- ESPECIALLY since I got to witness my man eating soap. I laughed for a solid 20 minutes that night, while he just looked at me saying "it's not that funny". Oh, but it was! hahaha

Hopefully next time he'll learn and before going through my stuff to see what he wants - he should ASK rather than being sneaky sneaky haha. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I was always taught, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. I get very upset when other people don't follow this rule. I understand that you have to defend yourself if someone is attacking you, verbally. I am not saying that you should just not say anything at all.

I am saying, for no reason whatsoever, for people to be rude, mean, and hurtful to other people. Whether it be in person, or over the internet which is much easier. People feel that since they are not face to face with someone, that their words will not hurt. That bothers me.

Recently, we were on WTNH News Channel 8 for our items going into The Oscars Swag Bags (yay! so excited!!). This was a big thing for us and we were super happy about it. And people are just plain rude. I will not say where on the internet these comments were left- but they were hurtful. People commenting being rude and mean for no reason. It's not like this was a story attacking anyone. Or even a story about politics, religion, etc- which people get passionate about very quickly. It is a small segment about a mother daughter company donating to organizations and gifting celebs at The Oscars Gift Lounge.

People need to realize that even though their comments are not face to face and you don't have to see the person you are attacking, it still hurts. I was talking with my mother last night about this and she was telling me to relax, calm down, everyone has a right to their own opinions. Which I get. And I support. But I was raised that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. Why hurt someone else for no reason?

For anyone reading, thanks for listening to my rant LOL. Some things really bother me and this is one of them.Why can't everyone just be nice to other people? It would definitely make the world a much better place. <3

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Oscars Gift Lounge is 1 Week Away!

As some of you may know, Jewels For Hope will have their items in The 2012 Oscars Gift Lounge on Feb 24th and 25th. We cannot believe how fast this time has gone by. It feels like yesterday we were sitting at our kitchen table making 100 bracelets and packaging them up all pretty for the big event.

We made tons (and tons) of different bracelets, all color coded to match the organizations we donate to.


We absolutely love making these bracelets and really hope that the *celebs* love them too! We packaged them in the weirdest way- that if you missed my last post about this- you're in luck.. I have some shots here!

We made them in little smiley faces. Hoping to bring smiles to all the receive them. And we hoped that the head of The Artisan Group had a smile on her face when she opened up the box and saw 100 little smiley faces looking back at her!

With The Gift Lounge next week I am starting to get anxious. I really want to see what celebs will pass through the lounge, and which celeb will pose with our necklace that will be on display!

I can't wait! Who do you think would look great posing with this piece? Do you watch The Oscars? If so- keep a look out- who knows.. maybe someone will have one of our designs on! *a girl can dream.......

Saturday, February 11, 2012

#Giveaway Worth Over $1,100 Starts Feb 16th! @TGBears

Yes, you all read that title correctly.


TG Bears, as you all should know by now from reading the many posts I have done about these fabulous handmade teddy's, is having an extraordinary giveaway in honor of their big milestones that TG Bears has accomplished.

Over the past year alone, TG Bears has gifted specialty (cuddly and adorable) bears to Cari Cucksey, Hilary Duff, AND Jessica Alba!!

Well, Monica, the owner, for having such an amazing 2011, is doing an AMAZING giveaway. She recruited a TON of Artisan Group members and the package is over $1100!!!

Here is a little looksy at some of these fab products. For more information about all of the items in this package, visit TG Bears (also feel free to like their FB page for more updates on the giveaway!)

Monica of TG Bears

Personalized Daisy Bear with growl

Value: $57.00

Kellie of Printable Girl

Mix and Match Card and Gift Tag set

Value: $12.00

Emma of Sock Monkey Emporium UK

Medium Sock Monkey (color may vary)

Value: $14.00

Penny of Jewelry by Saniki Creations

Chainemaille Bracelet ~ "Fable Story"

Value: $50.00

Ana of Solhful Photography

Red Lily Bamboo Wood Mount Photograph 5x7

Value: $44.00

Laura of Simply Paperie

Pink and Grey Polka Dot Note Cards 
featured at the 2012 Golden Globes Gift Lounge

Value: $10.00

Citlalli of Sew Beastly

Small Zipped Pouch In Crimson & Creme

Value: $18.00

See how awesome these products are? I love handmade, and these are top of the line. Definitely go and check out this giveaway! It starts on February 16th!!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Front Page of The New Haven Register!

We are on the FRONT PAGE of

Omg, we are so excited. We absolutely LOVE this interview and think it is just amazing. We couldn't be happier that this happened.

Please take a look at this article! We are just so grateful that we are getting this exposure. This small town mother/daughter company is going places! Woo Hoo!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Etsy and Strange (Amazing) Gifts!

I’m super excited about this Valentine’s Day! I went a little outside the box on my gift to my soon to be hubby. I hope he finds these gifts as amazing as I think they are. Because really, I think they kick butt.

I ordered two things for him- along with the standard candy I plan on giving him.
I haven’t received either in yet, so I don’t have pictures. But don’t worry- I plan on taking a ton of pics and putting them up here, AFTER valentines day. Because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. (Not like he reads this blog, but still. You never know. Better safe than sorry).

I got him a Beer Soap Kit.

Yes. BEER. SOAP. I don’t know what man would not like this? (well, maybe one who doesn’t like beer… but that’s not the case here). I think that is perfect for the fiancĂ©. It is a beer soap and a muscle healer… which is perfect because he is always in pain on his back (he was in a car accident before I met him and his back will always have pain).

Along with the beer soap, the only logical gift that fits with that is of course… A BACON SCENTED CANDLE.


I am so excited about these gifts!! The bacon scented candle was ordered from one of my favorite candle makers of all time, Marcy- from PicsPetals & Scents. You should know about her by now since I continue to talk about her amazing creations. I was so happy she can do a bacon candle!! I emailed her last minute to whip up this candle for me! I cannot wait to get it in.
The best part about all of this amazing-ness……

Last night we were watching TV and I don’t know how it came up- but HE MENTIONED HOW COOL IT WOULD BE TO HAVE A BACON CANDLE.

Is that fate or what? It took all of my power not to start giggling and say “well, you’ll get one soon!”

What are you getting your special one for Valentine’s day? Anything weird amazing like a bacon scented candle? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Monday, February 6, 2012

LAs The Place- Featured The Artisan Group

LA's The Place, an online magazine, featured all of The Artisan Group's members who participated in The Golden Globes Gift Lounge!

How exciting! We have been waiting for this article to come out, since we think it is so great they offered to do a full piece on us handmade artists.

Well, the article is out!


They put the fabulous Jennifer Love Hewitt on the main page, when she is wearing our necklace! Woo Hoo!

Please go check out the article! Is has a ton of different links included to specialty products gifted (we are under the jewelry category as well as on the first page!).

You'll find some amazing handmade products! Check it out!