Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ebay Auction: #SwagBag worth $893

The Artisan Group's Managing Partner, and our dear friend, Nikki, suffered an unimaginable loss on the morning of Tuesday, January 31, 2012. Nikki narrowly escaped a house fire that destroyed her home entirely, and everything she owned. Sadly, all but one of Nikki's beloved pets perished in the fire. Nikki is now working on rebuilding her life. We want to help her by sending her ALL the proceeds from this auction.

Twenty-six members of The Artisan Group have rallied together to create this gift bag. Its total retail value is $863. It contains our lovingly created, high-end handmade products, most of which are either the same or similar to those gifted to the celebrities at the many gift lounges The Artisan Group has participated in (Emmys, Golden Globes, Oscars, etc).

The contents of this bag, along with their current retail values, the artists represented and their online shops are as follows :

Here is what we donated to this great bag:

Gypsy Sky - White and Blue Evil Eye Glass Bead Bracelet $30

Katherine Song:
Swarovski Crystal Cross on gunmetal chain $25

Wee Bindery
Handmade Wee Chunky Book $28.00

Rotem Gear Limited Edition
Long Black Pima Artisan Scarf with Rose Imprint $32

Stringing Along
The "Copper Swirls necklace is $25; The Baby blue print is $20

Shaka Soap
Vanilla sugar soap & Caramel Hawaiian lip balm $14

Starlet Glam
Almond Cookie Sugar Scrub, Sugar Body Polish 8 oz. $23

Ilene Price Designs:
Emmys "Be Yourself" Glass Pendant with Note cards $40.00

Helena Pion
Art Photography iPhone 4/4S case $45

Diana Ferguson Artisan Jewelry
Petal Earrings $48

Bison Booties
Bison Booties 'Pedal Pusher' size 6-12 months $30

Elegantly Eclectic
Elegant coffee scoop $25

Firefly Myst Artisan Jewelry
Sun/Moon bracelet $29

Luster Metal Works
Forget-Me-Not Flowers Reclaimed Copper Necklace $58

BKD Signature
Love in Bloom Collection of 4 pendants $40

Goddess Envy Organic Moisturizer $50

Jewels for Hope:
Pink Sparkle Leather Cord Bracelet 30.00

Retro Roadside Photography
5x7 art photography print Chevrolet Bel Air Classic Muscle Car $15

Esscentual Alchemy
Natural perfume spray $45.00

Kathryn Designs
Handmade Red Heart Necklace with red Swarovski crystal $30

Pocketbook Locket Necklace $22.00

House of Shakti
Sodalite earrings $35

Made with Hope
Long Pearl Dangle Earrings $15

Paper Angels Photography:
"The Royal Treatment" Art Photography Print, 4x6 print matted to 5x7 $22

Chloe & Maddie
Leonora Ruffled Headband Value $42

Jack the Man About Town
Knitted Octopus Hat $45

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hooked On Yarn CT- Fabulous New Hats!

I haven't talked about my Aunt's company in quite some time now so I decided it was time for another shoutout. Especially since she has some great new products and some exciting news.

Hooked On Yarn CT ( My fabulous Aunt Lori) is now a proud member of The Artisan Group!!!! Yep, she became official this month and now is part of this amazing group- which is how it should be since her products are amazing. Perfect combo.

As well as being a part of this group- she also has some new products that I wanted to share with you since I am IN LOVE WITH THEM!!

I am sorry- but how freakin cute are these hats!!!!!!

They are perfect for all the time in my opinion... seeing as how I just wore one the other day....

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I look awesome in this hat! hahaha

So definitely go and check out her shop with all of her new fun hats!! They're so cute-perfect gift for someone else anddd for yourself. Obviously LOL.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Check out @TheStoryXchange

I found this site somewhat recently and think it's amazing. The Story Exchange.

Taking their words.....

At The Story Exchange, we’re inspired by the fact that women around the world are starting businesses at ever higher rates in an astonishing range of fields – from biotech and wine-making, to construction and cakes. We also know that women highly value women role models and that’s what The Story Exchange is all about. It’s women inspiring women to live their dreams and uncover their full potential.

We submitted our story to their website and then began browsing. You can find some really amazing, inspirational stories on there. We actually found another charity that we want to start donating to (I'm not spilling the beans yet, sorry! haha. Don't want to start stating it before we actually talk to the charity - which we are in the middle of currently :) )

This is a great website to find some real treasures. It is always amazing to see women starting their own businesses and overcoming the hurtles in their lives... it truly is inspirational to read these stories. It is a very special site that I think you should check out.

Do you have a story about your company? Submit it to "Your Story Exchange" <3 You never know what kind of people you will meet by networking- and getting your story out there. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

SWAN Day CT- March 31st

We will be participating in SWAN Day CT. SWAN= Support Women Artists Now. This is an amazing organization all bout supporting women in the arts... which we love. We are so happy to be doing this event with such a talented group of ladies.

SWAN Day is a day of music, art, food, drinks, and most importantly, FUN! This year, SWAN Day is on March 31st (my mother's birthday!) from 6pm-1am (ouch) at The Dirt Salon in Hartford.

There will be tons of bands performing, an arielist (how cool!!), and lots of vendors for you to do a little shopping.

Two AMAZING ladies will be there hosting this shindig... Kristen Cusato (who actually did our first ever TV Interview on WTNH Good Morning Connecticut!) and Jaki Valensi-Lauper of Jaki's Buzz (yes.. we were also Buzzed on Jaki's Buzz- we love her!).

This night looks like it will be so much fun- and we can't wait. Let's just hope I don't fall asleep during it.... yes, I ma be 25 but I am usually asleep by 10 most nights (don't judge me) haha.

If you are in the Hartford area, definitely stop by! It should be so much fun!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frangi Pangi - Look Great & Donate!

Frangi Pangi is a new company founded by WNTH News Channel 8's Jocelyn Maminta. 

Frangi Pangi Fine Hosiery For Your “Bare Leg” Look- made for all women, all sizes, all colors. I love that! As well as being made for all women- the best part- this was Made in the USA. Yes, Jocelyn is very passionate about this and her products are all proudly made in the USA.

Along with these fine attributes, Frangi Pangi also donates. Jocelyn founded Caroline's Room, an organization that is to ease the trauma of families with children in neonatal intensive care. Frangi Pangi donates profits to this fine organization. 

Jocelyn was nice enough to actually give me 2 pairs of her nylons... which I am super excited to wear! I haven't worn them just yet, since it is just starting to get a little warmer out... and since I tend to have hotflashes in the winter- I don't want to sweat profusely in these gorgeous nylons yetttt. But this coming week it is said to get a little cooler- and I have the perfect outfit to wear these with! So I am looking forward to it.

Once I have them on I'll definitely take some pics and let you all see. Until then- check out their website.

They even give you a 4 wear Guarantee! Do you know any other hosiery company willing to give you that kind of support? No, not at all. I know I *normally* rip 4 or 5 pairs before being able to have one go all the way up my leg LOL. Never in my mind would I think I would be able to get at least 4 wears out of it! Can't wait to try these out!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lifestyle and Charity Magazine- FREE Subscription!

We are proud to announce that tomorrow (3/25/12) our products will be featured in Lifestyle and Charity Magazine!!!

I am so excited about this, I'm like kid at Christmas- I can't wait to see the issue!

This is an online publication and you can get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to it! So I definitely suggest doing that tonight so you can be one of the first people to see our necklace featured in their wonderful publication!

Here's a bit about the magazine....

This is a publication supporting the philanthropic lifestyle. They bring you in contact with great events, charities, products, and much more.

We will have one of our designs that represents Caroline's Room- a charity founded by WTNH   News Channel 8's Jocelyn Maminta. Caroline's Room is to ease the trauma of families with children in neonatal intensive care. On our website, items in Yellow/White will donate portion of the profits to this amazing organization.

Here is the necklace that will be featured in LC Magazine tomorrow!

So when you receive the newsletter tomorrow- be sure to scour the pages looking for our piece! I still am in shock about this..... This necklace is actually one that I created. I feel so accomplished in the fact that they wanted on of my pieces. Normally we always go with my mothers... she has been doing this much longer than I have- so we just always tend to go with her designs (which is fine with me- she is a freakin wizard when it comes to jewelry design! LOL). But for this one... they wanted this item. Which made me jump over the moon ecstatic! This is one of my favorite pieces I have created.... so summery and fun. I hope they loved it!!

So be sure to go to Lifestyle and Charity Magazine and sign up for you subscription tonight!!!

Sarah Jessica Parker To Receive Jewels For Hope!

As my last post stated... we will be gifting the fabulous, amazing, special [insert awesome word here] Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you know me at all, you know I love her. I can easily tell you about every episode of SATC including the 2 movies. SJP has been a "fashion icon" for me for so long now... the fact that we actually have this chance still makes me a bit week in the knees.

The time has come for us to reveal what we will be gifting her. We made her a Swarovski Crystal Bracelet with matching Chainmaille Earrings. Both in SWAN colors (Support Women Artists Now).

We worked long and hard on these items and so proud of them. We feel they are totally her style and she could rock these everyday of the week (oh, we hope!! haha).

What do you think? Think you can see SJP wearing these creations of ours???

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We are gifting #SarahJessicaParker

We were lucky enough to be 1 of 30 people gifting Sarah Jessica Parker through The Artisan Group.

Now, I have loved Sarah Jessica Parker since seeing her in Girls Just Want to Have Fun. I am a huge Sex and The City fan, owning the whole series and both movies. Sarah has been one of my fashion idols for some time now.

When we found out that our group was gifting her, I nearly screamed with excitement. Now, something super strange which I must share with you....

The day before we found out about this opportunity, I received my very first pair of Manolos (from my fab Aunt... they were slightly used, but still gorgeous). They actually fit my wide feet and I was in heaven. I have always dreamed of having my very own Manolos... I am a shoe person.... so this was huge for me.

The next day we found out we would be gifting Sarah. FATE.

I prayed to the Shoe Gods to please let us get chosen for this amazing opportunity. It is all done by raffle, only to be fair. There is roughly 800 members of TAG and this is the best way it should be done. The raffle took place the other day, and we were one of the lucky 30!

You have no idea just how excited I was. I literally started jumping up and down in my kitchen. My mother started screaming, I almost had tears in my eyes. I know I may sound like a crazy person right now-- totally understand--- but this just feels like it might be our "big break". This could be it. We work so hard... we just need one big break. Something. So keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for us that Ms. Parker will love our jewelry and decide to wear it everyday. hahaha.

Oh, a girl can dream......

Once we have our item(s) made for Sarah we will definitely let you know and show them off! I think we decided on a bracelet and matching earrings (but not too matchy matchy....). Can't wait to create and show them off! Woo Hoo!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Big Things Are Happening!

Big Things Are Happening! Which is why I have been on and off with my blogging a bit-- but I promise, things will get better! I miss this outlet way too much to give this up. No matter how busy I get, I want to be able to write here and talk to all of my bloggy buddies.
So, since I am here right now for a short time in between tasks, I want to let you know some of the fabulous things that have been going on.

We are going to be featured in 2 Magazines!




Now, I don't want to spoil one of them because we haven't talked to the woman yet since both of our schedules are a bit hectic. And I don't want to jinx anything.

But, the other magazine is a go. We sent them an item for review that will be mentioned some time in March-- again, I don't want to spoil anything yet- so not giving FULL details lol... but I will give you the name--- This magazine is Lifestyle and Charity Magazine!

We are still in a bit of shock that we are having mentions in not one but TWO amazing magazines! Who would have ever thought?

Along with this great news... we also have been hard at work for our MTV Movie Awards items. Did I not mention we were participating in the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge?


We are making funky Swarovski Crystal Leather Cord Bracelets. A bit different than the Oscars Bracelets we created. We can't wait to show you! We should have some fantastic photos soon.. hopefully. We're working on it. LOL

Along with all of this- I have a big idea for a fantastic giveaway here on the blog... since we hit a big twitter milestone (over 3,000 fans!) and are close to hitting 4,000 fans on facebook! So stay tuned... more to come on this folks <3