Friday, November 30, 2012

Look Great & #Donate This #Holiday Season! #Gifts #Charity #Jewelry

This year has been full of ups and downs for us. I haven't blogged much since my life has just been all over the place! But will all the negative that has happened this year, there at least has been some positive for us with Jewels For Hope!

So far, (and we still have about a month to go!) we have MORE THAN DOUBLED our donations from last year! I am so proud of us. No matter how much anyone donates, every dollar really does count!!!!

Along with our donations, Jewels For Hope has had a ton of press this year. We are just so grateful for all of the amazing publications who have written about us. We have been mentioned on blogs such as The Partease Blog, major websites such as The Huffington Post Style Section, and magazines such as Westfield Style Fall 2012 Magazine! Our press has also more than doubled our press from last year! Which to me, is a huge accomplishment since that is what I love to do- get press for our company. I love contacting people, sharing our story, and making connections. Take  look!

• November 2012- The Art Career Project
• November 2012- The Huffington Post Style Section
• November 2012- The Story Exchange (Quoted)

• October 2012 - Hartford Courant Blog
• October 2012 - LA's The Place Video Mention

• September 2012 - Style Network: Mention Gifting AnnaLynne McCord

• August 2012 - WestfieldStyle Video- Stacy London "Shout Out"!
• August 2012 - WestfieldStyle Magazine
• August 2012 - The Stamford Times
• August 2012 - The Stamford Patch
• August 2012 - Market Mommy CT
• August 2012 - Inspire Smart Success Magazine (Issue 3)

• July 2012 - Freshly Launched on  LaunchHer!
• July 2012 - Lucire Living Article- MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge (Mention)

• June 2012 - Roshon Fegan wears Jewels For Hope in Music Video- "I Dooz This"
• June 2012 - Examiner Article - MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge (mention)

• May 2012 - The National MS Society News
• May 2012 - The New Haven Register
• May 2012 - The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog
• May 2012 - Startup Nation Leading Moms in Business TOP 50

• March 2012 - The Story Exchange
• March 2012 - Lifestyle and Charity Magazine- Top 10 Easter Looks (Page 8)

• February 2012 - Hartford Courant
• February 2012 - CT Style on WTNH
• February 2012 - WFSB News Channel 3 Feature
• February 2012 - Valley Independent Sentinel
• February 2012 - WTNH News at 5:30 Feature
• February 2012 - Open Hearts Inc., Featured Artist 
• February 2012 - The New Haven Register
• February 2012 - LA's The Place

• January 2012 - Tess Hunt "Thanks to The Artisan Group"
• January 2012 - Raphael Sbarge's Things To Love Right Now
• January 2012 - NBC Connecticut- News at 11 with Yvonne Nava
• January 2012 - Jaki's Buzz

CRAZY, right?

With the press, the donations, and all of our personal issues we have had this year, we still had time to make some new products, get an update on our website and added Etsy back!

Beautiful Holiday necklaces that donate a portion of the profits! This seasons everyone can
Look Great & Donate!

And in addition to our Holiday Necklaces, we created a Unisex Line! The best thing about this year has really been our ability to continue to create. With everything going on, we still create pieces we love!

Jewels For Hope is on fire! I hope we can continue this amazing success we've had for the next couple of years. Each year doubling our donations, creating new items, and meeting awesome people forming connections that help everyone out. That's my goal. 

If you're still looking for some Holiday Gifts, this year why don't you try to-
Look Good While Doing Good with Jewels For Hope!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

May You Have Good Fortune with @hoshiidesigns

Who doesn't want good fortune?

In my mind, anyone who has a fortune cookie handbag will have great fortune forever! You may ask where would you find a fortune cookie handbag? Well, look no further... Hoshii Designs has you covered!

FORTUNE COOKIE CLUTCH Wristlet Purse Natural Wool Felt zipper cute novelty renewable

Isn't that awesome? Deborah, the creator of Hoshii Designs has some awesome work that I am just in love with! She was nice enough to make my mother and I little pouches that are the perfect size for our jewelry tools. I use it everyday!

She makes phenomenal items- I can browse her shop constantly to look at the cute items she has.

I just love her clutches. Look how gorgeous this one is!

Vintage Recycled fabric clutch, reclaimed, Thrifed, Purple, Grey Pattern, purse, evening bag,

I can see any of her items being the perfect gift for the holidays... don't ya think?

Take a look through her site and you'll find some great items! Let me know if you get anything!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sweet Smelling Holidays with @barefootbath

It's almost December and Christmas is going to be here before I know it. I feel like I'm going to blink and it'll be December 24th.

I just got in some AMAZZINNGGG products from one of my favorite handmade shops, Barefoot Bath and Body. 

I know you know from previous posts on this blog- I'm obsessed with getting people soaps as gifts. So of course, had to get some soaps from this shop. I wish I could put the sweet smells into a blog post for all to be able to enjoy. My descriptions will not do them justice (so go buy some and see for yourself!! LOL).

My box of goodies arrived today, and I ran into my room to open it (since some of the stuff is for my sister - so couldn't let her see what I was opening haha).

3 soaps, 1 Body Butter, 1 Perfume, and 3 Chapsticks.


I have to say, the Honey Vanilla solid perfume is my absolute favorite smell. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason. The warm smell, it just makes me smile. It is PERFECT for my mother since she loves anything with the Vanilla smell.

I can't wait to give everyone these goodies for Christmas. And I can't wait to try this Body Butter Balm out for myself. During the winter, my skin gets so dry this is going to work wonders on it (I can tell already!).

If you are looking for some sweet smelling gifts- check out Barefoot Bath and Body! Dee (the owner), just posted on their facebook page that she is still offering FREE SHIPPING for domestic orders! Get your order in soon before this offer goes away!

T'is The Season! Bundle Up with @HookedOnYarnCT

I love fall and winter. Not because I like snow... no no no, I don't like that. But I do love the fashions. Layering. Hats. Scarves. everything. I think that you can change up your whole outfit with a cute hat- and the fact that you don't have to do your hair that day? Even better!

Hooked On Yarn CT helps with all of this. Yep, my aunt Lori makes these wonderful products. She knits and crochets everything herself... I swear you should see her yarn room. Oh wait, I have a pic of that for you....


Yea, one wall of yarn. Everywhere. I love it! I walked in and was shocked. She warned me- but I still wasn't prepared LOL. One day, my mom and I want a wall of beads like this.... but I digress....

Hooked On Yarn CT has the cutest hats in my opinion. I have 4 or 5. I love them all. Whether it's a flower hat or a slouchy hat, they all  are adorable in their own way.

BLACK Beanie Cloche Crochet  Hat with attached Rainbow Flower

PINK Purple Tan Yellow Crocheted Slouchy Beanie Beret Tam  Hat

Along with hats, she has scarves, fingerless gloves (perfect for those cold nights making jewelry), baby bibs candle holders, and much more!

How adorable is this.. and perfect for the holidays:

Red Flameless Crochet Candle Holder Candle Included

Get hooked on Hooked On Yarn CT!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nothing Evil about @bigandsari

The Evil Eye. It rocks. And Sari Blue creates fabulous jewelry using it.

Sari Blue is owned by Christine... a fabulous member of The Artisan Group. She makes fantastic jewelry using the Evil Eye.

I love it. Her jewelry is so fun and light it is perfect for all.

Nothing Grouchy About Oscar

Nothing evil about this bracelet <3 p="p">

Christine is such a sweet person- it makes me happy to say that Megan Fox rocks her Evil Eye jewelry! How freakin cool is that!

Megan Fox Angel Caller Maternity Necklace

Isn't that awesome?

And it looks so good on her too! 

I would go check out her shop if you have some time! Perfect gifts for the holidays!

Monday, November 26, 2012

#CyberMonday #Jewelry #Sale #DONATE #Charity

Get 40% off of every item on BOTH of our websites! 
Each item still donates a portion of the profits to over 20 organizations!

 Look Great & Donate!

Code: Hope40 (for under $30 gifts!)

#CyberMonday #Sale #Deal #Handmade #Jewelry

We're having a HUGE Cyber Monday Sale ending Midnight Tonight!

Yep, in honor of Black Friday, Shop Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (Today!), we are having a full weekend of Sales on both our Etsy Shop and our Website

Because we love you.

and we love Sales.

For Both Sites!!!!

 40% off EVERYTHING. (yes, you read that right. 40% off.)
Use code: Hope40

For all orders From Friday to Tuesday you will get a free surprise gift

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shop Small Business Saturday #Handmade #Sale #Deal

We're having a HUGE Shop Small Business lasting from TODAY until TUESDAY!

Yep, in honor of Black Friday, Shop Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, we are having a full weekend of Sales on both our Etsy Shop and our Website

Because we love you.

and we love Sales.

For Both Sites!!!!

 40% off EVERYTHING. (yes, you read that right. 40% off.)
Use code: Hope40

For all orders From Friday to Tuesday you will get a free surprise gift

Friday, November 23, 2012

#Sale #ShopSmall #Hats @Hookedonyarnct #Etsy

BIG SALE this weekend from Hooked On Yarn CT!!!!

Get 20% Off of EVERYTHING on her Etsy Shop!

Use Code: Shop20

#BlackFriday #Sale #Deal 40% OFF and A #Free #Gift

We're having a HUGE Black Friday Sale lasting from TODAY until TUESDAY!

We are having a full weekend of Sales on both our Etsy Shop and our Website

Because we love you.

and we love Sales.


For Both Sites.....

 40% off EVERYTHING. (yes, you read that right. 40% off.)
Use code: Hope40

For all orders From Friday to Tuesday you will get a free surprise gift

#BlackFriday #Sale #Deal #Handmade #Jewelry

We're having a HUGE Black Friday Sale lasting from TODAY until TUESDAY!

Yep, in honor of Black Friday, Shop Small Business Saturday (tomorrow) and Cyber Monday, we are having a full weekend of Sales on both our Etsy Shop and our Website

Because we love you.

and we love Sales.

For Both Sites!!!!

 40% off EVERYTHING. (yes, you read that right. 40% off.)
Use code: Hope40

For all orders From Friday to Tuesday you will get a free surprise gift

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!

I hope you all have an amazing day filled with family, fun, and (great) food! I know I will be. Today, I plan on doing nothing but spending the whole day with my family and eating. Maybe making a little jewelry. But for the most part, just laying down. 

Have an amazing day everyone!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Cake? @CakePopFusion

I'm a big fan of Cake Pops. I love them. I tried making them numerous times, and let me tell you- they are difficult to decorate all pretty and make them look good LOL.

Good thing there are people out there who are way more talented than I am.

So that brings me to Cake Pop Fusion.

Custom Cake Pops that look so amazing and make me jealous every time I see them. Pia, a super talented woman is the owner behind this fabulous company.

I absolutely love looking through her shop because her Cake Pops are just so cute. Here are a couple of my favorites....

Marshmallow Snowmen Christmas Treats

Cake Pop Wedding -- 1 Dozen

Cake Pop Ice Skates & Snowflakes -- 1 Dozen

Pia is such a sweet woman! She donates a portion of the profits to an organization close to her heart, the 

You can find out more about Pia's awesome Cake Pop's on her blog! If you are looking for a perrrrfect gift to send someone for the holidays- I vote Cake Pops. Who doesn't love cake? And I know the way to my heart, is definitely my stomach. I bet most people feel the same way. Love Cake Pops.  
Be sure to check out her Etsy Shop for more awesome creations!!!

Customize Everything from @HelenaPion

I want an Iphone just for the fact that I want one of these fun cases from Helena Pion Photography. 

Helena is a dear friend of mine that is an awesome designer.

From Iphone Cases to Postage, to Awesome Mugs.. she designs it all. And everything can be personalized. How cool?

One of my favorite items is her Go Away mugs. Obviously I love that since anything with "Go Away" on it makes me laugh. Because I would use it all the time and just point to it rather than tell people to leave me alone. Yep, I'm that person.

Who wouldn't want that?

I think personalized items are perfect Holiday Gifts. It brings a little something extra to your gift. Whether it's a personal postage stamp for your card, or an iphone case with your name on it- Helena has it all!Check out her shop!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Featured on The #HuffingtonPost #Style Section

The Huffington Post is HUGE.

The fact that I was quoted in the Style Section of The Huffington Post makes me giddy. I cannot believe it!

We were lucky enough to cross paths with The Story Exchange. This awesome website bringing women together. They have a campaign for "1,000 Stories". Bringing women entrepreneurs together to share their story and connect. We, of course jumped at the chance and submitted our story many months ago. We then were contacted by the owners of this fabulous site to resubmit our story for this special campaign. We love being a part of this and think it is great what they are doing to bring women together.

Well, Nusha, the awesome woman who runs The Story Exchange, wanted to quote us for an article she was putting together. I was so happy! I love giving tips about jewelry/fashion so this was right up my alley.

Well, the article Nusha wrote, "Women in Business: Tips on How To Look Stylish and Professional" was picked up by The Huffington Post Style Section! AND I'M QUOTED!!!!

So thankful Nusha asked us to be a part of this. I'm overjoyed to be included and still am a bit shocked to even be writing a blog post right now about me & The Huffington Post Style Section (who would have every thought?).

Hope you get a chance to read the article! It's awesome; and you'll see my name in there!!!!!!!

Bows Make Me Smile @AnnetteCook6

As I have said many many times before.. I have a shopping problem. Which works out well for you readers since I tend to know about amazing handmade products.

I love finding special items. Being a member of The Artisan Group has helped me find a ton of awesome handmade products.

Pink Tulips is one fabulous company. Annette, the owner of Pink Tulips (and also another local CT artisan!) makes quality handcrafted handbags.

Annette's bags are so fun and youthful without sacrificing quality. A lot of her handbags have huge awesome Bows on the front of them! They may make smile so much and I can recognize her bags in an instant from that signature style. And... who doesn't like bows? They are a universal sign for greatness in my opinion.

One of my favorite handbags from Pink Tulips is..

Gorgeous leather purse with a camel bow in front. Swoon.

Some really exciting news for Annette.... Her purses just got picked up by URBAN OUTFITTERS.

Yes, you read that correctly. URBAN. OUTFITTERS. How amazing is that!!! I can't wait to go into Urban (which I love btw) and see her handbags. I can't even imagine that. I am so so happy for Annette!

If you live near any Urban Outfitters... go inside within the next month or so (I think?) and see if you can spot her designs. I can't wait. Once she tells me they are in I will go and take a picture of them in the shop.

So if you are in love with these fancy Bow Handbags as much as I am, go check out Annettes Site! I promise you won't regret it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Need a New Website Design? @sproutwbcrtns

We love our website.

We had Stephanie create this amazing website for us last January.. WOW, almost a year ago! I can't believe it. Our website looked professional, was awesome, just one problem. The hosting company was crap. Our site went down 5+ times a day, for hours at a time. No one could see our beautiful new site our friend Stephanie created for us.

We posted about that on Facebook one night, since we were just so SO tired of our site crashing and the hosting company not doing a damn thing about it.

Stephanie came to our rescue yet again. She found us a new host AND redid our site again for us. She is amazing. She cleaned up everything we messed up within the past year (because yes, my mother and myself have no idea about web creations/designs/anything).

Stephanie owns Sprout Web Creations. She really does do amazing work and such great prices!!! Take a look at our website and how awesome she designed it. It looks clean, fresh, and everything amazing. I wish I could describe it better as to how happy we are with this. This is the best thing ever for us and we are so so appreciative of everything Stephanie has done for us. She is just so talented at what she does.

She specializes in helping Etsy & Artfire shops branching out onto their own (which is what we did!). If you run your own Etsy/Artfire shop and are looking to now get your own website, we DEFINITELY recommend Sprout Web Creations. Great prices. Awesome designs. And Stephanie is just so great to work with!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

All Chained Up with @SanikiCreations

Chainmaille is amaze-balls.

Yep, that's my opening line. I love Chainmaille. I think it looks so fun, so hip, and all around cool.

My good friend Penny is the queen of Chainmaille in my eyes. She works wonders with a pair of pliers in her hand. She is the owner of Saniki Creations.

Her work is outstanding. I have dabbled in Chainmaille before and let me tell you.. it is a pain to link those jump rings together. I am definitely not cut out for anything other than entry level linking (if that's what you call it?) but Penny is like a magician with it. Her work is gorgeous and so extremely detailed.

She creates items for both men and women, as well as fun decor items.

This tree of life is my ABSOLUTE favorite item she has. I am in love with it. Look how awesome this is...



Jayson Blair from The New Normal even posed with this awesome piece at The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge!

So cute!

Penny's eye for detail just blows my mind. If you are in the market for some funky jewelry (for men and women) I would definitely check out her site!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Handbag Heaven @xtineandcompany

I feel every time I write a post about handmade items, I tend to have a shopping addiction to those items. At it again... I am obsessed with handbags. I feel I got this from my mother- since she has a closet full of purses (not of clothes mind you.. she barely has clothes.. just purses!).

Christine & Company creates wonderful handcrafted bags for all. Christine, the owner, is amazing. She actually is working on a special project for us (Jewels For Hope) to transport our jewelry in- how fun right! Can't wait to see it created- and once I do, I'll take pics and post them here- don't worry!

But for now.. I'll just tell you about all of her awesome items. I'm in love with this leopard print clutch she has on her site. As you know from my posts before- leopard print makes me happy. This clutch rocks it out.

Hot, right?

Along with making high quality items, she also gives back. Handbags for Hope (obviously we love the name of that line... get it .. Jewels For Hope? LOL.. sorry.. need more coffee still!)

$25 of the purchase will go to The National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. 

We love when people donate!!!! Don't you?

Christine is such a great woman with such gorgeous products. I feel her tote bags can go with everything. The perfect size, not too big, not too small and great for someone on the go. As much as I love the clutches she has- I'm a big bag kinda girl. I carry my life in my purse and her totes are the perfect size. 

Go check out her site and tell me if you get anything!!! I love hearing about people Shopping Handmade!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Etsy Shop is Back!

Yep, we decided to go back to Etsy. We missed it. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our own site and will definitely continue to have that but we wanted both. haha.

Our Etsy Shop is a little bit more affordable. We wanted to separate our items to have everything more streamlined. Our Etsy Shop is $35 and under. We want to have jewelry for all budgets so we feel this is a good way to do that. Our more "unique" higher priced items will be on our actual website. 

In honor of coming back to our roots, we want to give you a coupon code!

Here is a coupon code for our Etsy Shop, for 15% off!!! Use code: THANKS15

We've been adding a ton of new items so definitely head on over and check it out!

Looking for a great Holiday Card? Check out @thebeez_kneez

With the Holidays right around the corner, one thing I know I always look for are great Holiday Cards.

I don't know what it is, but getting a Holiday Card in the mail always makes me smile. I love seeing what designs people pick out; funny, sentimental, sweet, sassy, cartoon, everything! I love it all.

Valerie, the fearless leader of The Artisan Group, is a fantastic graphic designer (among other things). She has the shop... The Beez Kneez (um, how awesome is that shop name?)

She designs funky fresh (yes, I said funky fresh) cards, ipad cases, invitations, business cards, and more! We bought my dad some awesome guitar note cards for his business a little while ago. He loved them! Valerie has so many different design choices, you can find something for everyone in her shop.... but I am off topic. Holiday Items are my key focus today....

In her shop she has Holiday Cards, Holiday Labels, Envelopes, Gift Tags, Postage and more!

My screen shots of her products do not do them justice LOL.

One of my favorite designs from her is this card.... I'm big on pictures so this one combines the pictures with pink and snowflakes. What more could you ask for?

If you are still in the market for Holiday Cards... definitely check out her shop! I promise you won't be sorry!!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Amazing Photography from @MissCellanea12 ! #Photos #Photography #Prints

My friend Carli is an amazing painter, photographer, everything really. She is so creative it's ridiculous. (Yea, I'm a bit jealous, I admit it).

Well, she just took a big leap and is starting to put her photos and artwork up on some sites (Etsy soon!). She just showed me this website she uploaded her pictures on and OMG I'm in love with them. They are just so pretty, I had to show them off you to.

Look how pretty these are!!! My screen shot does not do justice. Trust me, click on the link and they will make you smile just as much as they made me smile :)

Rub-a-dub-dub! Who loves soap? @magicsenses

I have a slight addiction to soaps. I admit it, it's weird, I know.. but I love soaps. And I love buying soaps. Every Christmas I get at least 3 people different fun soaps. And every year someone calls me out on it and asks why I always buy soap. 

I love soaps. I find they are the perfect gift for someone, a cute set of awesome smelling happiness. Everyone could use soap. You never have to worry if the soap will be the right size for someone, or if someone already has the exact same one. No.. soaps always work. Perfect. Gift. 

Now, one of my very good friends, Betty, is the creator of Magic Senses. She creates sweet smelling, fun soaps. Which I'm a little bit obsessed with. 

Betty is an extremely hard worker and it shows in her creations. Her soap is made is small batches (made from the heart!) and no two bars of soap are exactly the same. Which is awesome.. one of a kind soap. Who doesn't like that?!?!

Here are some of my faves from her shop:

Cool Rhythm Handcrafted Glycerin Soap - Click Image to Close

Magic Senses is also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 with code: freeshipping50

So if you are straining your brain to find that perfect gift for someone... look no further. Soap always works. 

If you head on over to Magic Senses- tell Betty HI! She is such a sweetie! :)