Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jewels For Hope's New #Jewelry Inspired by @RoseFalcon

We teamed up with singer/songwriter Rose Falcon to make a new special set of jewelry! If you've read any of my recent posts, you know my mother connected with Rose and she was sweet enough to wear our jewelry on the CMA Awards Red Carpet when her and her husband Rodney Atkins attended this past November.

We just finished making the set of bracelets for Rose. We love them! Hopefully Rose will receive them soon and we'll get some great pics of her wearing these special bracelets.

Rose Falcon's Inspired Line; The Legends 

We think these bracelets are great in a set, stacked, or work separately. Rose is so great to work with and we are just honored she is rocking our charity jewels! We will be donating a portion of the profits of these bracelets to Young Survival Coalition. 

What do you think of the line!?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

California, Here I Come! Well... In a Month..

I am so excited to announce I will be going to The 2014 Golden Globes Gift Lounge hosted by GBK, in California next month!

I will be going, of course with The Artisan Group, like I did for the 2013 Oscars Gift Lounge.I can't wait!!

It's about a month away. Which is scary. I still don't have my outfits yet. Ah! I do have a necklace though, I am dying to wear! I made it just for this occasion, so now I just need to find an outfit that will go with it.I am in love with this necklace and think it will really pop! What do ya think?

Doesn't this just shine! I am in love with this piece. I actually had to redo it like 3 times to get it to lay just the way I wanted it to. I am happy I kept at it and completed it, because this is just so me. Now, I need to figure out what outfit goes with this!

Once I have my outfits picked out I will definitely take some photos and show you. I will be there for 2 full days, so I need another necklace and of course some arm candy. Hm... decisions, decisions!

Monday, December 9, 2013

#JewelsForHope #Handmade #Charity #Jewelry featured on @YahooShine

We are so happy to announce that our Handmade Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant is featured on Yahoo Shine today! How exciting is that! It was featured in an "It Girl" Gift Guide for the holidays. The perfect gift to give that special woman for the holidays. Full of sparkle and shine, this Swarovski Crystal Heart Pendant also gives back to The Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation.

Everyone rocking this pendant this holiday season can Look Good While Doing Good!

Here is a screen shot from Yahoo Shine!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Enter to #Win #Charity #Bracelets as seen on #Celeb #RoseFalcon #Giveaway

If you've read any previous blog posts of mine, you should know that Rose Falcon wore our bracelets at this years CMA Awards!!

In honor of this, we wanted to give away the same two bracelets she wore to our lovely fans!

A little bit about Rose.... Rose is awesome. Not only is she a very sweet woman that my mother has become good friends with, she also is an amazing singer/songwriter. She has so much going on right now, along with just marrying country star Rodney Atkins, she has a new album coming out now (go listen if you have the chance! You won't be sorry!), and is also a part of CMT's Next Women Of Country showcasing emerging talent! With all that going on, she still takes the time to talk with my mom and is so supportive of jewels for hope! 

We are working on some new items with Rose- so stay tuned! You won't want to miss them! But for now... let's giveaway some charity swag!

We are giving 1 lucky winner BOTH bracelets shown on Rose!

*** Giveaway is for US Only, 18+ ***
We are ending it before Christmas, but please do not expect to get it before then. We are hoping to get this to you by New Years. We will ship the items within 24 hours of receiving your confirmation of winning

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, December 6, 2013

Get a #Free #Swarovski #Crystal #Ring w/purchase #Coupon #Promo #Deal

Still looking for Stocking Stuffers?
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Perfect holiday bling!

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Tis the Season for #Hats & #Scarves @hookedonyarnct

My Aunt Lori has been selling her winter wear like freaking hotcakes for the past couple of weeks! I am so happy for her.

I, of course, have a bunch of her hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves-- they are the best! If you're in the market for some great winter gear, head to her Etsy Shop!

Isn't her stuff so cute!!

Go check out her site! You won't be sorry!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

#RodneyAtkins & #RoseFalcon wearing #JewelsForHope #Charity #Bracelets

My mother, believe it or not, made friends with Rose Falcon. Rose is a singer/songwriter who has written numerous songs for tons of artists including Lady Antebellum and Faith Hill. She also, just recently married country star Rodney Atkins.

If any of you actually know my mother, she is miss social. Everyone comes up to her when we are out and starts telling her their life story. Complete strangers. All the time. My mom is just such a nice woman everyone feels connected with her.

Online, it works the same way. My mom connected with Rose- and they became friends. Rose actually called my mom up a couple of times- she is so sweet!! I'm so happy my mom made this connection- Rose is such a good hearted woman!!

Well, something absolutely amazing I have to share with you... Rose wore our bracelets at the 2013 CMA Awards! YES. CMA AWARDS!

We are huge country music fans in this house, so this was a gigantic thing for us. We were like kids at Christmas!

Look how amazing Rose (and Rodney) looks!

Here's a close up of the bracelets....

Along with her rocking these on the red carpet (the red carpet, can you believe it!) we also spotted Rodney wearing our American Cancer Society Unisex Beaded Bracelet during one of his performances!

We are so happy! Don't they look amazing rocking our charity jewels!

We are working with Rose on some special new pieces so stay tuned! Once we have more info we'll definitely let you know!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Check out #JewelsForHope featured on @CultureCacheCT

Big thanks to Scott Gargan for mentioning Jewels For Hope on Culture Cache! You can check out this write up about our jewels going to the CMA Awards on Rose Falcon, newly married to Rodney Atkins!

You can view the write up here!

#MeredithVieira Rocking #JewelsForHope's #Charity Bracelet

We were fortunate enough to meet the lovely Meredith Vieira last year at a MS Event we participated in at the Greenwich Hyatt. It was a great event, and we actually got to meet Meredith. She was absolutely, the sweetest person to both myself and my mom! She was so warm and nice like she knew us forever. She came over to our booth and actually wore one of our bracelets during the entire luncheon event!

Recently, Meredith started her own online show, Lives with Meredith. Of course we had to watch it... once we did we realized SHE WEARS OUR BRACELET ALL THE TIME!!!

We couldn't believe it! We are so honored. We found a ton of photos of her wearing this. We are touched that a year later she still is wearing our MS Bracelet we made special for her.

Check out our pics, isn't this awesome!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

#JewelsForHope New Products!

We have been busy at work the last couple of months! My mother and I both have been making tons of new products, it's like our fingers have a mind of their own!

We just love a little sparkle. It makes us happy. 

Here are some of our new designs... What do ya think? Do you like a bit of sparkle too around the holidays?

Beaded Gold Bracelet- We Stop Hate

Black and Pink Swarovski Crystal Statement Bracelet

Blue Swarovski Earrings

Monday, December 2, 2013

#CyberMonday #Deal #Sale #Coupon

We love Cyber Monday!

Get 30% off Handmade Jewelry That Donates! Everyone wearing Jewels For Hope this holiday season can 
Look Good While Doing Good!