Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Furs: I Love The Fashion.

I love fashion. I love turning the pages of the glossy magazines and seeing what is in. I devour each page and see what is "the new thing".

I don't nessasarily go with the "new" fashion. I have a mind. I like what I like and sometimes I don't like what all the designers are pushing on us.

Something I love? Furs. I absolutely love Furs. I know this is a touchy subject for some people. Totally understand that. Animal rights activists have a right to not want the harm of animals to occur. So I am not writing this post to offend anyone.

I just love the way Furs look! I found this great site for fur coats for women! ML Furs has such an assortment of gorgeous furs, I love browsing. Because obviously, being unemployed- I can't afford a fur right now!

Every time I browse fur jackets for women, I immediately think of Sex and the City.

Fashion and Furs go hand in hand. They can both always bring about an opinionated conversation, and people will always think differently about them. Which is the way I think it should be. Fashion is objective. Furs are not for everyone. But, damn, when I look at these ladies rocking out furs- it makes me want one even more. *It also makes me want my life back in NYC again... but that's another post all together! haha*

But seriously, can't you picture me wearing this outfit below?

This is one of my favorite pieces from ML Furs. I especially love how they paired a leopard print belt with this.


***This post was brought to you through a Blogvertise posting.
All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and was in no way comprimised by monetary payment I received.***

Totsy Toys Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Totsy Toys Giveaway!

The winner has been chosen and it is........

Alexandra Houseman!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!!!!!

I Feel Naked.

This morning all of my emails deleted.

Everything. Gone.

I don't even know what to do. This is my college email address that I have used since 2004 when I started this collge. I trust this email site more then yahoo or gmail. I love the setup- know how it works. It has been great.

Until today.

As I was doing my normal morning routine, I go into my email box and *BOOM* everything was gone. No inbox. No deleted folder. Nothing. Everything emptyed out.

I feel useless. I have had emails in this since I interned at Armani (many many moons ago). My life was wrapped up in this email account and now it is gone. All of my emails back and forth to companies, all of my emails for job interviews, all of my emails pitching companies for Jewels for Hope. Gone.

No record.

I feel naked. I don't know how to react and what I should be doing. Today is going to be a rough one.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ebates; Why didn't I use this before?

I have been a member of Ebates for some time now. But for some odd reason, I never even went on their website. I had signed up because I saw it on someone's blog and I like to go around and sign up for things that I know other people will benefit from (getting money for signing up, points, etc). I know- I'm odd like that, but I do what I can.

Well, I signed up and never looked back. I continued to get emails from them about different promotions and getting cash back. Never thought to look at it again. That is, until today.

I was browsing, and if this is real (which I know it is), I can be getting a ton of cash back! I just made my first purchase through Ebates right now- I bought some Under Armour for the fiance since our 2 year anniversary is coming up next week. Under Armour gets 9% cash back! Um, yes please?

I had no idea that this was something I could be benefiting from.

Now, I do most of my shopping online. It is just what I like. I like to be able to browse and relax and sit in my pajamas and not worry about going into a crowded store. Granted, lately I have not been shopping since I am still unemployed--- but since this anniversary is a special occasin, I whipped out my way too high credit card and made the order.

But I really dont know why I never looked into this earlier? I could have been making a good amount of money- before I became unemployed that is. But at least, from now on.. I will be using Ebates and actually seeing what I can get cash back on.

Are you an Ebates customer? Do you have any tips for me or helpful info? If you do, I would LOVE to hear them! And if your not an Ebates customer- sign up! Don't make the mistake I did lol. Every penny is precious to me right now - and the fact that I could have had some more pennies in my pocket right now angers me haha.

Fun Souvenir Giveaway- WINNER!

Thank you everyone who entered my giveaway for the Souvenir Package! I wish I could give everyone something!

But.... I had to choose a winner!

And, the winner is...
Amanda Hoffman!!!!!!

Again, thank you EVERYONE who entered! <3 <3

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Monday, August 29, 2011

I'm So Indecisive.

Now that the storm is over, it is back to work.

My mother and I are now looking at packaging ideas for The Golden Globes & The Oscars Gift Lounges. We have been going through site after site of bags, boxes, and labels- Oh My!

We are debating on using a "funky" look or a "wow" look. The difference between the two is the "Wow" packaging will really catch the persons eye. Most people may think- "funky" and "wow" would be the same thing---but in our minds it isn't haha.

The Funky ones we are looking into have a great color scheme. We want to use a mocha and teal with funky blue polka dot ribbon. We think that would really work well with our items and our cards we had specially made for these events.

We also found some SUPER UNIQUE bags that we think have the wow factor- but have nothing to do with our color scheme and "jewels for hope". We are torn! We have soe serious thinking to do! Here are some examples.....

Look how great these bags are?

I have never seen bags like this! These would definitely be "wow". Right?

So now we just need to make some decisions. I am so indecisive that this will probably take awhile. I am thinking we should get some samples of each bag and see what works best with our products and with our cards. Once we do that, I'll let you know the final resutlts!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Stormy 25th Birthday

I hope everyone is/was safe this weekend! My birthday on Saturday ended up with us being stuck in the house. Gotta love Irene.

My father's gig was cancelled Saturday night so instead, my whole family was in the house doing nothing all night other then watching tv. I'm happy we are all okay and the storm has died down here (in CT). But what a way to ring in my 25th birthday, right? haha.

All last night I was barely able to sleep. I kept having a fear that the tree next door to my house was going to come crashing through my window. My poor fiance- every time I woke up I woke him up--- not on purpose, but just because I was frightened I would jump. Oops.

Nothing happened with the trees around us- and we didn't loose power. So the storm, here at least, was not what we all had anticipated. Which I am so happy about. I hope everyone who was not so lucky to have a "calm" storm is okay and safe.

But.. it was my birthday and ---I did get some amazing gifts during this storm! Which I am so lucky for!

I got a brand new camera (yay) some socks, bobby pins, cash (so so appreciative!), a picture frame, hair ties and my favorite gift of all...


Yep, you read that correctly. My amazing fiance bought me Louboutins!

I know this is insane! I can't believe he did this.

I have always been saying that once I "make it big" and actually am able to pay my bills and have money to spare, I was going to buy a pair of these shoes-
you know, probably in another 20-30 years. haha.

Well, he bought me a pair now. He is out of his mind crazy, but I am so excited for these shoes! They still haven't arrived yet- once they do I will surely take some pics of me in them! Fingers crossed my wide ass feet actually fit in them!

Now, I hope you all don't think I'm a spoiled little brat for this haha. I still am in shock over it and can't believe the fiance spent so much. I have never had someone do something like this before and I can't believe he did this- all on his own! I'm probably going to be so nervous to leave the house with them on- being afraid I'll ruin them. Ah!!

Woo. So, moral of the story---even with Irene- I did have a great birthday.

I hope everyone has had a safe weekend and I hope you all are okay <3

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! Yep, I turned 25 today. The BIG 2-5. I can't believe it. Where the hell does the time go? I feel so old. My youngest sister will graduate highschool this year. That can't be? She's still only 9 in my eyes. So the fact that I am 25 today, is a big shocker! haha.

So to bring you through some of my fabulous years, here is an assortment of pics of yours truly. I only have as far back as 2004 though- haha.

 Through the good and the bad hair styles, outfits, loves, and just life. Happy Birthday To Me!!!! <3
ps. I take too many pictures- so it was difficult to cut down. Even still, I have a TON here to show you!

So this is me through the years. I've met some amazing people along the way, and lost some amazing people. But today is a day of celebration!

So I hope everyone has a great day! Tonight, I will be out celebrating- going to hear my father's band play at a local bar. If any of you are going out tonight, have a drink for me! <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

Totsy Giveaway- Ends in 5 Days!!!!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

October Events- Looking for Sponsors

I am pleased to announce that in October I will be participating in two different blogging events.

In Honor of the Tatas- October 21-24


The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is being hosted by Still Blonde After All These Years, The Solicite's Closet, and Aprils Lifestyle Show! This event is all about the fashion- which is why I had to sign up. Anything involving fashion- I am there. So if you have a product that would be perfect for this event- please email me at stevielynn.dandrea (at) !

In Honor of the Tatas is an event that is being hosted by Makobi Scribe and Boobies, Babies and a Blog. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this giveaway hop is perfect for sponsors to show off their "pink" items. I had to join this hop, since my company also donates to Breast Cancer Research and I would love to giveaway one of our pink necklaces! So if you have an item that would fit with this giveaway- please email me! I would love for you to be a sponsor!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The 2012 Oscars Display Piece!

We have had a ton going on lately. Between craft fairs and then preparing our items for the 2012 Golden Globes and 2012 Oscars- we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off! So busy. So much to do!

Well, my mother has created one of the pieces for the display at either The Oscars or The Golden Globes. We are unsure which event we are going to use this for- we still want to make a couple more displays and then decide from there which one will go to which event.

Here is the piece. It is the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I ever think my mother created!

I think this pops! It is so elegant and funky at the same time. I am so proud of my mother for this piece. It is just stunning in my opinion.

The whole time she was making it she kept saying " I want it to shine across the room" Well, it definitely sparkles!

We are going to place this piece on a simple black bust. We want the actual necklace to shine- rather then have a funky display piece with it.

We hope to get some good pictures of celebs holding up this piece or trying it on while they pass by The Artisan Groups's table in the Gifting Lounge.

What do you think? Do you like the piece? Can't you just imagine a celeb rocking this piece to an award show? *excited!* 

Monday, August 22, 2011

#Low Entry #Giveaways!

I have two low entry giveaways going on right now!
One has Under 200 Entries and the other has under 100!!!!

What are you guys waiting for? Come enter! I love giving prizes away!

Craft Show Number 1.

We had our big Craft Show this weekend- The Milford Oyster Festival. I have never been to anything like this before. The traffic that came through, was just insane! I couldn't believe it! Every second from the time we set up (9:30) until closing of the festival (6:00) it was PACKED!

Normally, at fairs we do, there usually is a steady stream of people. But this? It was chaos at all times! I loved having so many people around and the hustle and bustle of things!

I wore my adorable new outfit from Katwalk. If I say so myself, I looked great! haha.

Obviously, I love leopard print. This shirt was SO lightweight it was perfect for the day- since it was around 85 out!

The festival went really well. My mother and I worked our tails off to get ready for this event so it was nice to see it play out. Here's what our booth looked like:

Almost all of our business cards went. It was incredible! We also got recognized while there! Yep, my rise to fame has begun. THREE different people recognized us from being on WTNH Good Morning Connecticut!

It was great!

All in all, the day was perfect. We made some great sales- got to use our brand new portable credit card machine- and had a fun day.

Now we have to do it all again this weekend for the Easton Jazz Festival! Let's just hope I'm not too tired.... the day before (August 27th!) is my 25th Birthday (yikes!). Eventful weekend coming up!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Finally Created a Website!

I have been working on creating a Jewels for Hope website.

Now, I am by no means a graphic designer. Actually, when it comes to computer designing- I know nothing. Thank God I won a blog makeover from Just Married with Coupons- because I would not have the gorgeous blog I have today without that!

But, since we all know I am unemployed, I couldn't afford to have a graphic designer make a website for us. So I tried to do it myself.

I officially am somewhat happy with it. It took a very long time for me to be "somewhat" happy ha ha. But I am pretty proud that I was able to get it to look like this.

Now, it is plain and simple and gets the point across. I feel that once we get better pictures of our jewelry (which we are in the process of) that will be the real "show stopper" on the site- not the background design. It is still definitely a work in progress- but I am ready to show the world. I'm proud of it so far and it will only get better!

And besides, anything is better then nothing- which, we only had an etsy shop originally. Now at least people can see a little bit about us before heading into the shop. Which I love.

Take a look!

Tell me what you think! And be nice please.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Shop Katwalk

I was lucky enough to win an amazing gift card to Shop Katwalk from Runway Rundown. I absolutely love Runway Rundown- they show great runway outfits and then the less expensive version next to it- that is definitely more realistic for us non-celebs to afford! And personally, I usually like the less expensive version anyway.

Well, Shop Katwalk has great looks for a little less exepensive pricing. Right up my alley.

Now, we know I am unemployed and I don't have the luxury at the moment to actually shop (which kills me!) so it was amazing to be able to pick out some clothes and get my shopping fix.

I was able to get a ton of outfits- and also I let my sisters each pick out something for themselves. Becasuse I feel bad that I haven't been able to give them anything lately. I'm the older sister- I should be able to pay for things for them occasionally. And since Krista has been helping me out with some bills, I felt this was the least I could do is let them get some clothes too!

The whole proceess of Shop Katwalk went so smoothly and the people who run the site are so helpful! I ended up getting some amazing pieces. Look at this top!

Can't you see me in that?

There is also another GORGEOUS leopard over top thing I got- that I am going to wear tomorrow at the craft festival we are going to. So I don't want to spoil that picture yet since I plan on showing you tons of shots from the actual festival. So you are just going to have to wait!

Now that I'm going through my items that I picked out-I got everything leopard print. Go figure, right?

Check out this skirt!

I can't quite fit into it yet- my ass is still a little too wide... but don't worry- It will happen. And once it does, I'll take tons of pics. Obviously.

Not only are these items perfect for me- they were shipped the day I ordered them. I was back and forth with customer service because one of the items on my order wasn't in stock- they were so helpful and worked with me the whole way until I found another item. I give their customer service an A+++++.

So stay tuned to see my other great look from this shop! After the festival tomorrow it'll be posted!

*** I won this gift card through another site, I was not given any products for free in exchange for writing a blog post- that was never expected. I wrote this review on my own and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. ***