Friday, June 29, 2012

#Roshon Wearing Jewels For Hope in his Music Video!

Roshon Fegan of Disney's Shake It Up & Dancing With The Stars wore our Unisex Charity Bracelet in his recent music video for "I Dooz This" !!!!!!!!

We are so excited, we started screaming and jumping around like little kids when we first saw it. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit this. We are having some very tough times right now and this made us just so happy this morning! We needed this :)

Here is a photo of him (that he tweeted!) wearing our bracelet at The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge .... so you could see what the bracelet looks like. Then below is the video- so you can watch it and scope out our bracelet!

And now, for the video....

Here's a screen shot of him wearing the bracelet in the Video... YAY!

So, If by some strange twist of fate- if Roshon or any of Roshon's people see this post- THANK YOU. I can't say it enough, really.... You made my mother and myself just so happy today.

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