Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#ValentinesDay #Gift Idea! #Handcrafted #Flower

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Yea, I can't believe it either. 

I feel every year around this time, everyone starts going a little crazy trying to decide what to get that special someone.

Flowers are always a staple for Valentine's Day- no matter what the cost, what the occasion really, flowers are always a great option to get your lady.

The bad part? They die within 2 weeks. No matter what ya do to keep those suckers alive, they will eventually turn brown, wilted, and you'll have to throw them out. [insert sad face here]

What if you could spend roughly the same amount of money for a flower that will never die. Yes, I said that. A flower that will forever be a gorgeous flower. A flower that will remind you of that special someone who gave it to you. Whenever you view this piece of gorgeousness you'll always smile. Don't you think that sounds nice? [c'mon, you know you do]

My friend makes these absolutely amazing copper flowers. Copper. Flowers. How cool! Look at this gorgeous work.... I'm still in awe he can make these- just stunning.

Look at that. I mean, seriously? WOW

I'm always just flabbergasted when I see metalwork like this. It is just crazy how people can make this stuff!

This flower will last forever. I guarantee your special someone will go nuts if you get this for them. This Gorgeous Copper Flower sells for only $100.

Looking on websites for flowers, (that I repeat, will only last 2 weeks), they range from $60- $100. For only a couple weeks worth of time? Why not get a handcrafted piece of art that will last a lifetime.

If you're interested in this copper flower (which, why wouldn't you be?) you can contact the creator, Mike, at this email address to purchase one:
Tell him I sent you if you do!! :)


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! It is AMAZING what they can do with metal!

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. My husband works with metal. I will have to show him this!

  3. Oh, wow! Those are really neat, I haven't seen that before!

  4. That is beautiful and is definitely great for Valentine's Day!

  5. What a unique, creative, and beautiful idea! This would make a great Valentine's Day gift.

  6. That is really neat! I love flowers, but you're right, they do die within two weeks. It would be nice to have something beautiful that lasts forever instead.

  7. Wow! Those are so cool and beautiful at the same time! What a talented man(:
    It would be so fun to get one every year and eventually end up with a dozen of them-so cool!

  8. I love metal work. You should post a video of him doing it! It's so neat to see someone create something out of nothing, you know!?

  9. OMG - these copper flowers are gorgeous. I really want to think how I can use them

  10. wow these flowers are super gorgeous!!
    Sandy a la Mode

  11. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous!

  12. thhe craftmaship is unbelievably great! gotta love handmade!

  13. Those are really GORG!!!!! He's pretty talented!

  14. Amazing! So beautiful.