Thursday, February 28, 2013

California, Here I am!

As some of you (maybe?) know, I was lucky enough to go to The Oscars Gift Lounge out in California last week. It was a dream come true! So now, I'll be telling you about every detail I can remember. This will be broken up in numerous posts so- here is part 1! Hope you enjoy :)

I have never been to California. It has been a part of my "5 year plan" to go to Cali since I was 16 years old. In case you were wondering.... I'm 26. So obviously, that didn't work out as planned but still.. I made it there. I have been dreaming of California for as long as I can remember. I'm an East Coast girl, so this was something huge for me in itself- let alone me getting to go to The Oscars Gift Lounge.

Here's me in the airport bathroom. Classy, I know. 

I was terrified of going on the plane. I am not a plane person- I get dizzy, nervous, and tend to freak out. So being alone on a plane for 6 hours wasn't my favorite part of the trip- but I freaking made it. So that's all that matters.

I wait outside the airport for the shuttle. PALM TREES EVERYWHERE. Oh it was just beautiful. It was sunny, gorgeous weather- and no sign of snow. Which I loved. Since I hate snow, and Connecticut seems to be covered with it haha.

I get to the hotel. The Sofitel. It is just stunning. 

Anywhere that you can see Bloomingdales out the window just makes me smile. 

Once I got there I got to meet the fabulous woman behind The Artisan Group, Valerie. I have "known" Val for over a year now- but us being on different sides of the country haven't "officially" met until this week. She is absolutely amazing. We get along so well- she is such a sweet woman I was just so happy to finally meet her. You know I had to run up to her and give her a big hug!

Aren't we adorable?

So once I put my bags away (yes, I'm telling you every little thing here. I told you, this was going to be dragged out over numerous posts. Let me relive this!! haha) we went directly to a place where I feel most comfortable. The Bar.

Drinks make me smile. I had a nice big glass of wine- which I needed after a day of traveling, especially since the entire 6 hour plane ride I had a woman who spoke no English lean over me the entire flight to look at the clouds out the window. Seriously, if you see one cloud, you've seen them all. I don't get what the fascination is with that. Either way, the glass of wine was welcomed.

Val and I gabbed away the whole night. It is so nice to be able to talk to her in person rather than phone/email/text. We went from drinks at the hotel bar to The Capital Grille for dinner. Let me just say, YUM.

I of course took a gorgeous picture of myself in the mirror- but the pic looks like crap. You can't tell I have a great royal blue dress on- it looks black in the photo. But, so you can see for yourself... I feel I looked great!

For my first night in California, it was absolutely perfect. Great company, great drinks, great food. What else can I ask for? It was just spectacular. To end the night off right, I got to relax in this extremely comfy bed. I thought I would never say a hotel bed is comfortable, but OMG this bed was just perfect.

Day 1. Completed.

Check back for Day 2!


  1. So exciting! I didn't make it to CA until I was 35. Love it there so much, wish I could afford to live there!

  2. Hahaha - you are just too cute!! I bet that was sooo much fun!