Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Get Your Handmade Products in The Hands of Celebs!!!


Want your products in the hands of celebs?

How about your handcrafted goodies on your favorite TV Show?

Become a member of The Artisan Group!

From all of my posts, hopefully, you may know about them already. We have been lucky enough to have our jewelry worn on Bones, The Night Shift, and Cedar Cove, all from The Artisan Group!

 There's me! Actually AT the celebrity event representing The Artisan Group! You'll see me with Raphael Sbarge above and Chris Tucker below! Don't mind my hair...bangs were never a good look for me.


The Artisan Group is always on the lookout for really top-notch, best-of-the-best seasoned artisans who handcraft their products to join in on our celebrity gifting and TV show stylist opportunities. Here's additional criteria we consider when reviewing an applicant of The Artisan Group:
1. High-quality, handcrafted products created by YOU (No factory-made goods).
2. Fantastic product photography.
3. Impressive branding and online presence.
4. Unique products.
5. Established, seasoned sellers with at least 25 actual products for sale online (not supplies).
6. Products that could be easily gifted (size-wise) in our celebrity gift bags.
7. You must be at least 18 years old.

****At this time we are not accepting any additional artisans who create children's toys, apparel, or accessories. One-of-a-kind (OOAK) products are not the best fit for celebrity giftings, or TV product placements.
Products that are always a big hit at the celebrity events we participate in include handcrafted...
• Jewelry
• Bath/spa products
• Candles
• Small clutches, wristlets, and sewn makeup cases
• Matted fine art photography
• Stationery sets
• Small bound journals
• Trendy adult hair accessories
• Cosmetics (eye shadows, nail polishes, etc.)
• Pet accessories (toys, trendy collars and leashes)
APPLY to http://www.theartisangroup.org/apply-to-group. Be sure you mention my shoppe name (Jewels For Hope) in the "How did you hear about TAG?" field on the application!


  1. This is pretty great. I look forward to seeing what you all have to offer!

  2. How cool - I have a friend who might be perfect for this. Going to share it with her!! :)

  3. That's awesome that you got to meet some celebs! I was in LA last week and saw a few :).

  4. This is the coolest! My girlfriend actually made little paintings to go into celebrity gift baskets for celebrity members of PETA one year, so I'll definitely be telling her about this.

  5. What an awesome opportunity for people who wants that extra exposure for their handcrafted items! This is so nice.

  6. How cool is it to meet these celebrities. This is a great opportunity for those who are into handcrafted stuff.

  7. I have watched you grow with the help of the Artisan group over the years. I am a fan and believer.

  8. I have watched you grow with the help of the Artisan group over the years. I am a fan and believer.