Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Armani; Designer or Motivator?

We all know I like to think of outfits in my head from time to time (or every time I go shopping). Well, I have this Armani dress that I've had since 2008 that I still haven't been able to squeeze into (let's say I put on the freshman 15 after getting out of college). Well, I currently have it hanging in my room for me to look at day in and day out. It actually has been motivating me to actually work out in hopes I can wear this dress!

Let me give you a little backstory. First off, I could NEVER afford a dress like this. I can barely afford a dress from Target at this point. I interned at Armani my final semester at FIT.

See me! I'm the last person on the right hand side, front row. Not my greatest picture, but hey; I'm standing with Giorgio Armani- I'm fine with not looking my best. Well, the amazing people I worked with at Armani was how I came across this dress (and a fabulous bag that is still nicely tucked inside it's box, making sure the elements don't hurt it).

So... This dress I've had for 2 years has been, up until a month ago, sitting in the back of my closet getting no action. Since deciding to hang it in my room I've done pretty well. No drastic changes, but lifestyle changes. Which, is really all I can ask for. I tried finding a picture online of this dress, but I guess with new fashions coming out every other minutes, it's no longer available. Well, I already have all of my accessories ready for this dress.
Of course, a necklace made by yours truly and then a pair of great studded black heels.

Since I have no picture to show now, we'll make it a surprise for the future. We'll see if by July (it's a short sleeveless dress) I can fit into it. And if so, you'll see me- accessories and all, in the dress!

So I start off with my original question. Designer or Motivator? For this I'm going to go with motivator. Hey, if his fashions are able to make me workout every day rather then being the couch potato I normally am- power to him!


  1. How awesome to intern at Armani??? I am meeting Zac Posen tonight and think that is heavenly. LOL. Your internship must have been so interesting.

    And LOVE that necklace.

  2. Oh wow you're meeting Zac Posen!! That's exciting! Where are you meeting him? Have fun :)