Monday, March 22, 2010

Technology is the world we live in

Technology makes me laugh. I say this because everyone relies on technology SO much nowadays. Listen to my story…

This past weekend, I went to Boston to with my boyfriend and my friend and her husband. They are celebrating their 12th year anniversary (ah! I can’t imagine that!) Well, it was a FANTASTIC weekend. Gorgeous weather, great company, shopping, food, drinks! OH MY! I needed a nice weekend away, and that was just what I got.

Before getting into this little technology issue, let’s give ya some more info on my weekend (because yes, I know, you are dying to know!). We went to DICKS. Let me tell you, they really are dicks there! The whole appeal of this restaurant is that the waiters are allowed to be mean and rude to you. To work there has to be the greatest freaking job ever. Waiting tables, I will admit, sucks (past experience, obviously); but to be able to be completely rude and obnoxious to the customers- FANTASTIC. I was incredibly jealous that they got to act this way.

So we got our Dicks, and then went on a cute carriage ride around the city. I know, gag. Normally; I’m not the “romantic” type. My boyfriend takes the cake on that one.
My friends went on it years ago when they were celebrating another anniversary in Boston (catch a theme?) so we all decided to go on a ride together. It was nice- I’ll give it that much. But $40 for 20 minutes. REALLY? I could walk for 20 minutes for free and at least work off the delicious fried food I ate at Dicks earlier….

Now onto the main topic. TECHNOLOGY.

For Christmas, me being the amazing girlfriend that I am, bought my boyfriend (we’ll call him METS- can you guess why?) a GPS. Yep, a nice fancy, dancy GPS. He claims he has played around with the settings and actually uses it from time to time, but we find out later on that’s a bunch of bull.

We’re at the hotel yesterday, ready to go back to Quincy Market for some last minute items. The night before, since we all wanted to relax and throw back a few drinks, we took the train in. So this is the first time we actually have to get use out of the GPS. I purposely am watching what he’s doing- just to see if he knows how to work it. *Mind you, I sell GPS’S and so does my friend who I’m with so we both know what we’re doing (for the most part that is). I watch him carefully, he feels my eyes on him, and I see there are 3 different options for the address he JUST entered in. He looks at me with that confused look **you all know that look**.

He picks an address and starts saying directions. We’re on our merry way and I look over again. I see the GPS is off. I lean over and I’m like, “did the battery die” “what happened”? He shushs me (yea, shusshs me!) and starts telling the driver (my friend's husband) more directions. Now. THE GPS IS STILL FREAKING OFF. He keeps giving directions like he knows where he is. The GPS finally turns back on and it takes us in a fucking square.

At this point, my friend (we’ll call her MISSY) takes the GPS from METS –finally! We park in a dunkin donuts, because obviously since driving around for 20 minutes has gotten us no where- we may as well get some coffee(YUM).

I started laughing so hard, my makeup I just put on started running down my face. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. He would have the settings like that.

This goes to show you; technology is too much a part of our lives. Granted, I can’t go anywhere without my ipod, blackberry, and digital camera- but hey, who can leave the house without the essentials! We relied on this GPS wayyyy too much since it HAS to be right. No…….. it doesn’t. On top of all of those freaking settings turned on, my fantastic, amazing boyfriend chose the freaking wrong address originally out of the 3 that popped up (yea, surprise surprise!)

If we did the standard “map” directions we would have gotten there in about 10 minutes. Technology seeps in and that’s all we rely on now. Sad, pathetic, yet that’s just the way it is.

METS now says “it was bonding time for us” since we got lost on the way to Quincy. Yea, trying to cover his ass – I know. But I did have a fun time getting lost in the middle of Boston. Next time, no GPS for us. Next time, I’m grabbing a standard map and having that guide us there… well, I say that now. Maybe next time I’ll just have METS be banned from using the GPS and it will probably work out just as well as a map. I’ll keep you updated on my next adventure.

We head to Ohio in May. THAT should be interesting <3

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