Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let's see if I remember how...

It has been SO long since I have blogged. I can't believe it. There has been so much going on and I just didn't even think about blogging. That is, until recently.

The last time I posted I think it was about being sick. I was sick for 8 months out of last year. I was vomiting 20 times a day during that time. Turns out, it was my gal bladder. After going to dozens of doctors, after trying an all natural doctor, after everyone telling me it was all in my head and I was MAKING myself do it- my mother is the one who figured it out.

Originally, we had my gal bladder checked- just a standard ultra sound test. I had no gal stones, and no sludge (whatever that is). So the doctors didn't think anything of it. FINALLY after 8 months, my mother who had been searching frantically to help me- saw an article in the New York Times about a girl who went through the same thing. My mother made one of the many doctors do a specific test to see if it is my gal bladder. The test was horrible and the whole 3 hours I was sitting in the machine I kept praying it was my gal bladder- just because if it wasn't I would have been heated if I went through all of that for nothing. Turns out, my gal bladder was only functioning 14%. I then was able to scream from the top of the world that I was not FORCING myself to throw up 20 times a day. I was not crazy like almost everyone thought. I finally had an answer.

I had surgery the end of last year. Since then- no more vomiting!!!!! Thank god!! So you would think I can get back to my normal life....

Well, of course the new year brings new issues. I had found a great job the end of last year that paid way more then my current job. I gave my two weeks notice and started my new job. Well.... that DID NOT turn out as expected. I don't want to get into full details- but I was only there for 4 days. Yea, 4 DAYS. Now, I am not a person to just up and quit a job. I NEED to be working because it is just too boring without a job. Not to mention the many thousands of dollars in student loans I have to pay. It was so bad, I quit without having another job. I couldn't take it. I had just gotten over a very rough year of sickness and I told myself- I can't be at a job that physically made me feel sick again. So I left.

Still unemployed now. It's been about 3 months now. I have had interviews at least.. but nothing as of yet. My mother and I actually believe it is a sign tho..

Over the past 3 months- I have been doing everything in my power to get my mother's jewelry out there. I have been making press kit after press kit and sending pieces to every publication I can think of. For all of you who can't remember about my mother's company since it has been so long since I have written... Jewels for Hope. She creates handmade jewelry and donates a portion of the proceeds to Connecticut Hospice. She was recently featured in Wire Jewelry Magazine and has also been mentioned on Art Beads blog- as well as dozens of other blogs. I have also been going door to door to different boutiques in the area trying to get them to carry my mothers items. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. I think me getting unemployed is helping Jewels for Hope. I would have never had the time or energy to do all of this if I had a full time job that I was just starting. This is my calling for now.

So I am now re-vamping my page. I am going in a completely different direction. Granted, I will still be ranting and raving about whatever gets me angry certain days- but I also want this blog to be a place for handmade vendors to post there work. I know I have been scouring the internet always looking for new blogs to post my mothers work on. I want this blog to help out all of the handmade vendors out there. Let's see if I can try and change this around to do what I want lol. But don't worry everyone, I will still be throwing my fashion sense in here and there. I talk way too much to have this blog only show pictures and work of other handmade vendors ha ha. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing! Hahaha.

So, if anyone is still reading this- thank you.

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