Thursday, March 31, 2011

Paper? Really?

I have a shopping problem. I tend to buy everything my eyes see- even though I have absolutely no money to do it. Most of my purchases end up thrown in my closet never to be seen again. I even think I still have a pair of "sneaker heels" from around 2003 still in there in perfect condition. Even though most of my purchases end with me saying "what the hell was I thinking" some of them stay with me for years and years.

Little Orange Kitchen is in the "keep" category. This shop is full of paper items which are AMAZING. I purchase a large wallet and a card holder case about 2years ago. They are still going strong and I use them constantly. Don't mind my crappy pictures below- I was supposed to take these photos last night and I passed out instead. Since I still have my sleepy face on right now while snapping these pictures I know they aren't looking fantastic haha. But don't worry- I also included some pictures from Little Orange Kitchen's etsy site.

So there are my pictures of the items I purchase. I use that card holder EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It has gone through a lot, lemme tell you. And after all this time- it still looks great.

These pieces area all made out of paper. Isn't that so fun? I couldn't get over it when I received these items. They feel so silky smooth I couldn't stop touching them and saying, "paper? really?". Along with the pieces you receive, you also get a little card in them showing how to care for your paper wallet. Which I think is just the smartest thing.

Now that I talked about my purchases from this great shop.. look at some professional pictures taken straight from her etsy site....

She even carries passport covers! Along with her etsy site, please check out her blog as well. Remember.. Little Orange Kitchen= awesome, great quality products.


  1. Cute post...I've never seen passport covers before. hehe..

    And it's ok to have a shopping problem ;)
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.


  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I appreciate it and your kind of PR is the best!

  3. I enjoy my wallets, too, and my business card holders. I have several and rotate them around. People often comment on these pieces, so they are great conversation openers, too. It's just fun to use them.

    You did a great describing them!

  4. ok, too creative! How cool! I have never seen a passport cover... I think I love it.

  5. That's some pretty amazing paper, and it has sure held up well. :)

    The Cat Hag