Monday, January 23, 2012

Such a #Sweet #Handmade #Valentine's Day

We know Valentine's Day is coming up soon.

Personally, I'm not big on Valentine's Day... It doesn't matter to me if I get anything from my fiance... he gives me cute little surprises throughout the year- so this one day doesn't really mean that much to me (yes, I know - he is adorable and that line I wrote probably makes you want to puke haha. Sorry!)

But even though I personally don't need/want anything on this day- I love to give my sisters little gifts to say I love them!

This may sound corny- I know... but I love to surprise them. They're my baby sisters. Last year, Krista, (the middle sister) was feeling a bit "down" that she didn't have anyone to spend the day with. I surprised her with some cute little stuffed animal I placed in her car - then some candy and other little stuff. It made her day. She still keeps that stuffed animal in her car.

This year, I want to support handmade for my "Sister Valentines Gifts". You know, just something small to make the smile.

One of the fabulous women in The Artisan Group made this fun pintrest board for valentines gifts. I think I'll start there and see where I end up! You should check it out! I love handmade (as you know)- so hopefully you'll find some gems here--- and who knows, maybe you'll shop handmade for valentine's day too?

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