Monday, April 2, 2012

Jewels For Hope Gifting #KhloeKardashian

We are gifting Khloe Kardashian!!!!

I screamed when I found out. Yes, I admit that completely. I was a giddy little girl, jumping up and down. I am not ashamed haha.

The Artisan Group (which really is amazing- check them out!) is putting together this gifting opportunity! 30 members have been chosen to gift this fabulous lady- and we are one of them!!!

The Kardashians have made an amazing name for themselves, especially over the past couple of years. Kardashian fever is running wild over the world!

When I told my sisters that we are gifting Khloe (whom all 3 of us just lovee) they said to me... "Wow.. This means you really made it".

They didn't care about The Oscars Gift Lounge. or The Golden Globes Gift Lounge. Nope... but the fact that we are gifting Khloe- they really respect Jewels For Hope now LOL.

Well. Now that we have this amazzzing opportunity.. it's to the drawing board for her items. Of course, we are going to make Khloe a bracelet & earrings.. because my mother and I just love that combination. I can't wait to show you all what we create!

I think we want to do a black/silver/sparkle combination. Something really funky and shimmery. I can see Khloe in that. Can't you?

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