Thursday, April 19, 2012

We Need More Hours In The Day!

It's been a million years since I wrote. I am slacking, big time.

There has been so much going on I feel like a chicken with my head cut off!!

Here is an example of what my days are like this past month.... Every day this is my schedule...

  • Go to Day Job from 9-2 or 9-3
  • Come Home.
  • Package MTV Bracelets (we need to package, beautifully, 110 items going to The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge)
  • Finish making the MTV Bracelets ( we have 8 left! Woo Hoo!)
  • Send press releases for MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge
  • Work on other jewelry, not for MTV's ( One thing we're working on is a collaboration with PopCosmo! More to come!!)
  • Promote on FB, Twitter, Etc... (We know I can't let a day go by without talking to Jewels For Hope Followers!)
  • Check into The Artisan Group's Private FB Group to help out the amazing owner, Valerie. 
  • Make jewelry for Fairs (we have 2 next month!)

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

And hopefully during my days try and spend some time with my family and fiance.

We need a big break. That's all we need. I love love love what I do.. I just need an extra 10 hours in each day and I should be able to get everything done haha. Ever feel that way? Just some more hours... would be perfect!

Well.. I promise to start taking some time each day (I hope) to blog. I miss the outlet. It always makes me feel better to get everything out there.

Hope everyone reading this (anyone?) is well and things are fabulous in your life!!! xoxo

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