Thursday, December 20, 2012

Animal Print Heaven with @BabyButtonTops

I can't say enough my addiction to animal print.

My sisters both are the same. Yep, I have the same love for animal print as my 18 year old sister. I'm totally fine with that.

For Christmas I got my girls some lovely leopard and zebra print headgear. Gorgeous headbands and sashes from Baby Button Tops. 

I'm tempted not to give them to my sisters, haha. I want to keep them for myself and pretend like they were never gifts for them. Is that wrong?

Yes, It is. I know. I'll end up giving them these (but borrowing them whenever I want!).

Look how awesome these are!



One leopard print headband. One zebra print sash with rhinestones, and one blue & gold headband. They are gorgeous. So well made!

Baby Button Tops (Melissa) has had her items on numerous celebs like singer Adley Stump and Jessica Alba's daughter!

If you're in the market for some awesome headbands- go check out her shop!!!!

Once I give my sister's the items I'll try and get some pics of them wearing them to show you all!!

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