Wednesday, January 13, 2016

GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge; Day 1

Day 1 of the GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge

I'm nervous.

No matter how many times I do this, I still get jittery and turn into a bundle of nerves. I can't help it. I am who I am. I have come to terms that I get nervous talking to people I don't know. Either way, I was ready to start the day and promote TAG to the many celebrities and press I was about to meet.

I had on my new Pinup Girl Clothing dress (which I have been waiting to wear specifically for this event) and my Jewels For Hope jewelry. I was ready to go.

I felt I looked good. For being a wreck on the inside, I was very pleased with how I looked on the outside (not to toot my own horn).

Onto the W Hotel....

We get there and it's already a buzz of excitement. People running around getting ready - tons of photographers, cameramen, and sponsors all waiting patiently for the celebrities' arrival.

As they go through the event, each celeb has to stop by the GBK wall to take a photo


So you know Valerie and I had to do the same....

Don't we look just like the celebs, haha. I made our photographer angle down, as to not see my double chin. Yes, I know how to work the camera.

The day finally gets going... by the end of day one we have about 45 celebrities and members of the press come through. Busy busy.

I will say about 85% of the people who come through the lounge already know about The Artisan Group. Many of them exclaimed "My favorite booth!" or "this is the best bag we get". It always makes me heart swell hearing such sweet words.

We had products ranging from bath and body items, fine art photography, shave oil, jewelry, dog collars, clutches, and much more! Everything displayed was handcrafted to perfection.

Some of my personal favorite celebrity moments from day 1:

Dule Hill
Dule Hill by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Dule was so sweet! My mom and dad are a little bit obsessed with the show Psych. Even though it is off the air, they STILL talk about it. I felt like this show was always on in my house- so you know I had to tell Dule. He was such a sweet man,and his smile lit up the whole room.

Lawrence Zarian
Style expert Lawrence Zarian walked up to me and said how beautiful I was. I was very taken aback and of course, started blushing instantly. Throughout the whole time I was going through my bullet points about the display he kept saying it. At the end he waved his hand up and down and said "Beautiful. Really, I love how you put everything together".  Yep..... Me. Stevie, the girl who was written up during an internship in college not for poor performance, but for "inappropriate hair", has style expert saying I put everything together nicely. I must be growing up.

Gilles Marini
Gilles Marini in 2010.jpg

Gilles Marini. Wooo... wear can I begin. I absolutely love him in Devious Maids. He came up to the table with his wife and they were both the absolute sweetest.... and I'm not just saying that because he told me he loved my hair (Two men in one day.... If only I got compliments like this all the time!) When I told him he was getting a bag of goodies from us.. his response was priceless. "Holy Shit Balls, really?".... Yes. That is what he said. He was so touched we were giving him these goodies- and the fact that he was just being real with his response to it made me love him even more. Especially since I tend to have a trucker mouth- it made me feel right at home with him.

If I could, I could write more and more about this event... and don't get me wrong, there will be many more posts...but you are going to have to wait for them. Still wondering about the products these celebs received? I know you must be busting at the seams to see what was gifted......I guess you'll just have to come back and see what the next post brings!

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  1. That dress looks amazing on you and you and Valerie look fab! I would love to have your "inappropriate hair"! I have loved Dule Hill since West Wing and Gilles Marini since the SATC Movie and dream of Lawrence Zarian doing a makeover on me!