Thursday, January 14, 2016

GBK Golden Globes Gift Lounge; The Products

GBK's Golden Globes Gift Lounge had some AMAZING products gifted by The Artisan Group (TAG).  I am going to need a full post (or two) just on the products... so enough of me rambling on. Let's begin...

Allison Holker from So You Think You Can Dance absolutely loved this stationery. She thought it was beautiful and was instantly drawn to it. The clean display with these letterpress notecards on it got a ton of attention - rightfully so!

Okay, horrible picture, I'm sorry. But despite my lack of photography skills, this dog tag was a showstopper at this event. Everyone who has a dog knows the love of our furry friends. Most of the celebrities thought this tag was adorable. When I told them that they received a special tag in their goodie bag, they went nuts. Some celebs said they may have to get a dog now because of how cute this tag is.

This display was a HUGE hit with both the male and female celebs. I'm so mad at myself-- I didn't get the full display photo. There should be a money clip right next to the necklaces. Since it had money with it, we didn't want to leave it out overnight in the hotel (don't worry Heidi- if you're reading this-- your money was kept safe :)). Dolvett Quince (celebrity trainer from Biggest Loser....and possibly the sexiest man I've ever met) absolutely LOVED Heidi's money clip. He said he has a thing for money clips and it instantly caught his eye. Since I don't have a photo of it.. I guess you'll just have to click the link to Heidi's shop and check it out. 

No one could believe this was soap. They thought it was so pretty they were in awe. They loved the glitter accents in it. Some of the celebs even said they would use it as decorative pieces in their bathroom rather than actually use it- they loved the shape of it!

This stunning piece of photography got a lot of attention! The bright happy colors of it really came through in person- again, I'm sorry for my shotty photography! We spoke with celebs about how this is also a local artist (to them... LA Based) and they really loved that. I think it made them feel more connected to the artist. It was sweet.

Two words.... Show Stopper. This display definitely was a hit. From the necklace to the cuff -everything was noticed by the celebrities (and press). This necklace alone took the artist roughly 40 hours to complete- once we let the celebs know this their jaws dropped. They said they can believe it since it is so beautiful. I know that giving them some background on the design made them appreciate it even more. Truly stunning work.

These soaps are so cool. I feel like at least half of the celebrities came over just had to pick them up and give them a whiff. I wish you could come through the screen and smell them, because seriously- they smelled sooooo good! We had the best smelling table and everyone came around told us that.

This chain link bracelet was a gigantic hit with the men at this event. Lawrence Zarian, style expert, was obsessed with this. When he walked over to the table it was like his eyes narrowed in on it and he immediately asked me to help him put it on. And let me tell you- it looked fantastic on him! Like it was made for him.

This set is just stunning. The intricate beadwork of the necklace is beautiful. Along with this necklace, these black beaded stretch bracelets definitely got the attention of actor Johnny Ortiz. He loved them so much he actually walked away from our table wearing one of them! 

Fantastic products right? Well, that's only half of what was displayed! Take your time going through these shops- you'll find tons more goodies that I know you'll love. Stay tuned for the next half of the display products- you won't want to miss them!

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