Saturday, March 25, 2017

As Seen on TV- Bones Edition #SeenOnTv #Bones

As FOX's Bones is coming to an end, we felt it appropriate to do an entire blog post about the jewelry we have had featured on this awesome show. My mother has been a fan of this show since the beginning and when we first found out our jewelry was to be worn on this show, she completely flipped out (okay, so did I). We have been lucky enough to have THREE of our pieces worn on the show (thank you shoutout to The Artisan Group!)

Our first piece worn on the show was this simple and delicate Swarovski Pearl Necklace. This piece is actually one of our biggest sellers, since it can pretty much be worn with anything and is a great piece for everyday wear.

That ear shown on the right is the gorgeous David Boreonaz. Good thing we didn't get his face in the shot or I would become distracted... but I digress....

Next up on the show is our Boho Turquoise and Red Beaded Earrings worn by the lovely Emily Deschanel. These earrings are my favorite, because I love a pop of turquoise, especially in the summer!

Finally, and most recently, we had our Turquoise and Silver Feather Earrings worn in the last season of this show. Personally, I found this screen shot to be perfect as the last placement for the season. I feel this woman is similar to me, a terrified look on her face while arms filled with crap that at any minute could fall out and drop everywhere. Seems like she is my spirit animal.

We will miss Bones and we're sad to see it leave the air, but honored that we can say we have had 3 of our pieces worn on the show. 

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