Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life's Messy Moments

Sometimes the messiest moments are the ones you will remember forever. I know for me that is sooo the truth!

Now, if you have been following my blog for awhile- you may have come to the conclusion I am a klutz. Yep, I admit it completely. I fall up the stairs, I trip over my own two feet, and sometimes topple over just while standing still. I'm fine with this and love to laugh at these moments.

Well- being such a clumsy person, I tend to have very messy moments. I would love to share one of them with you.....

I'll set the scene for ya. My best friend Paul's house. We were outside on his fabulous deck, playing cards, having a couple of cocktails. Now- I will say I was not at all drunk. I kinda wish I was because when you read the next part of this story you at least can say "oh, she was drunk". Nope. Only had maybe 1-2 drinks.... if that.

Here is Paul's deck. As you can tell from the angle, I was all the way up top and this photo is of my best friends Paul and Carli.

Please take notice of the bottom of the deck. And even though in the photo it looks bright- let me inform you that it is actually very dark out. No lights. This was just the lovely flash from my camera.

Paul warns me once I get to the bottom of the stairs "it's allllll mud. be careful".

My bright idea is to jump over the mud. Don't want to get my shoes dirty or anything. And when you hear "be careful for the mud" you don't really think mud is EVERYWHERE.

 Well..... It was.

Yep. Instead of me jumping over the mud, I decide to jump right into it. Feet flying in the air and me landing on my back. In mud. and dog poo. Did I mention Paul has dogs and yes, I was partly covered in poo?

I will never forget this night. And I highly doubt Paul and Carli will either. Even though I was covered in crap (literally)- I have to say this was one of the best nights I have had. It was hysterical. Me and my best friends laughing uncontrollably over the fact that I was covered in dog crap and mud.

Messy Moments Rock <3

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