Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


I know I haven't written many posts lately other then my sponsor spotlight posts. I have been so busy with the new job, Jewels for Hope, and most importantly- my Halloween costume.

Yes. My Halloween Costume.

I decided I am crazy. I am out of my mind nuts- and I am totally okay with that.

I love Halloween. I love dressing up, everyone having a good time, no one worrying about what they look like. I just love it.

Well, this year I couldn't afford a real costume--- even with the new job, I can't really pay my bills still since it's only part time... so spending any extra money isn't really an option. And as most of you know- Halloween costumes are EXPENSIVE.

$60 for an outfit I'll wear once? No thanks.

So I went the more creative route. I went to good will, bought a $5 jacket and got to work.

This took me roughly 15 hours to do. Yep... 15 HOURS. I'll go back to my original sentence of- I'm crazy.

Well, it was totally worth it. All the time spent, eyes gone blurry from bedazzling, glue stuck all over my hands and fingernails.... worth every minute.


I individually glued each bead on. EACH. BEAD.

And yes, that is my real hair. Keystone Light cans courtesy of my mother.

Seeing as how this entire costume (maybe) cost me $10- I think it kicks major ass.

How was your Halloween Weekend? Do you have fun outfits!? I hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!

And of course, I'll leave you off with some pictures of the party I went to.... Love seeing people in costume! <3


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