Saturday, February 25, 2012

GBK #Oscars Gift Lounge- Day 1! #GBKOscarsLounge

Yesterday was the first day of The Oscars Gift Lounge!

We were patiently waiting by the computer all day. We created jewelry, watched movies, and had the computer within arms reach all day to find out who is making their way through the amazing gift lounge.

Some amazing celebs went through the gift lounge yesterday!! I know you are dying for me to "name drop" so I'll give you just a couple....Marcia Gay Harden, Holly Robinson-Peete, Sasha Pieterse, Tess Hunt, and many many more!

Now, onto the fabulous photos of this amazing display from The Artisan Group!!! See if you can spot out our necklace?!?!

And... we were so excited... Holly Robinson-Peete answered us in a tweet yesterday! Portions of the profits from GBK's Oscars Gift Lounge goes to her organization, that supports Autism and Parkinson's Disease <3

We hope she got our bracelet color-coded for Parkinson's Disease. We love what her organization does and are so honored she gets one of our bracelets!

Now.. on to Day Two!! <3 

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