Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't Eat What You Don't Know.

For Valentine's Day I got my fiance the best gift ever. A Bacon Scented Candle from Pics Petals & Scents. Since the fiance absolutely LOVES bacon, he adored this candle. I have gotten numerous texts since Valentines Day about how delicious his room smells now.

Well, Marcy, the owner of this amazing Candle and Soap shop (check her out!) was kind enough to give me a little surprise gift in my package when she sent the candle. Since she knew it was a Valentine's gift for my man, she put a little Valentine's Card in there and then attached a little baggie of soap looking like cupid. It was a tiny little thing, somewhat resembling this soap I found on her site:

*OMG, I love this Dog Soap!!!

I don't actually HAVE the soap Marcy included anymore... here's why.

One night recently the fiance and I were in my room watching a movie. Now, I tend to be focused too much on Jewels For Hope most of the time- so my room realllly isn't as neat and tidy as I would want it. I had left the box Marcy sent me right on my dresser, with a ton of stuff in it that I had just thrown in there.

The fiance was playing with some paper- his back to me- so I couldn't see what he was doing. I asked him a couple of times what he was getting into-- with him saying "nuthin."

 All of a sudden I see him slightly turn and pop the soap into his mouth. I DIED.

I started screaming "THAT'S SOAP!!!" and "That's what you get for trying to be sneaky!!". He thought it was  a Valentine's Chocolate Candy- since men don't read anything before eatting--- since RIGHT on the package it clearly states Soap.

This absolutely made my day. Marcy made this Valentine's day such a special one- ESPECIALLY since I got to witness my man eating soap. I laughed for a solid 20 minutes that night, while he just looked at me saying "it's not that funny". Oh, but it was! hahaha

Hopefully next time he'll learn and before going through my stuff to see what he wants - he should ASK rather than being sneaky sneaky haha. 


  1. This is just toooo funny. It is a memory you will have FOREVER that will make you laugh. Thank you for sharing. Men never read what's in anything. A long, long time ago a good friends of ours saw a jug on our counter and naturally ASSUMED that it was green koolaid (who would drink green koolaid anyway) and he picked it up and guzzled it. Well, it was Miracle-grow. He didn't read the large lettering on the jug. He was fine. Thank you for sharing and making us smile this morning!!!

  2. hahaha tooo funny! Thank you so much for sharing.. I love it... He should have ate the bacon candle it would have tasted better. hehehe