Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Oscars Gift Lounge is 1 Week Away!

As some of you may know, Jewels For Hope will have their items in The 2012 Oscars Gift Lounge on Feb 24th and 25th. We cannot believe how fast this time has gone by. It feels like yesterday we were sitting at our kitchen table making 100 bracelets and packaging them up all pretty for the big event.

We made tons (and tons) of different bracelets, all color coded to match the organizations we donate to.


We absolutely love making these bracelets and really hope that the *celebs* love them too! We packaged them in the weirdest way- that if you missed my last post about this- you're in luck.. I have some shots here!

We made them in little smiley faces. Hoping to bring smiles to all the receive them. And we hoped that the head of The Artisan Group had a smile on her face when she opened up the box and saw 100 little smiley faces looking back at her!

With The Gift Lounge next week I am starting to get anxious. I really want to see what celebs will pass through the lounge, and which celeb will pose with our necklace that will be on display!

I can't wait! Who do you think would look great posing with this piece? Do you watch The Oscars? If so- keep a look out- who knows.. maybe someone will have one of our designs on! *a girl can dream.......


  1. All of these pieces are absolutely beautiful!!! I am getting excited along with you and wondering who will be wearing that wonderful necklace, hmmmmmmmm wonder who!!!

  2. Sandra Bullock would be aweseome! It would look good on any celebrity (or non-celebrity) but she's one of my favorites :)