Friday, May 4, 2012

Jewels For Hope placed #39 in StartupNation's Leading Mom's in Business Competition!

Happy to announce that Jewels For Hope was recently named one of the winners of The 2012 Leading Moms in Business by StartupNation!


There were 350,000 Votes casted during this competition. Over 400 companies, maybe more, entered. They choose the top 200 businesses and we were among them. I am proud to say, we made it to NUMBER 39!

Yep, we placed #39 in the compettion!

We are so happy to have made it into the Top 50 companies. This just made our day, really!

My mother works so hard for this company, she deserves greatness. I know I say that all the time, but it's true. My mother does so much for so many people, I just want Jewels For Hope to be a well known name, for her. She deserves some glitz and glamour (and some sales LOL) so it would be great.

We always say, we just want to pay our bills and donate. We don't need to be rich, just enough for our bills and to continue to donate. And placing #39 in this competition is just a great motivation that one day we will be exactly where we need to be with J4H. Staying positive, being happy, and creating jewelry... That's us!

And I feel like I have babbled on and on about this.. so I will end it here LOL. A super duper HUGE Thank You to everyone who voted for us! It means so much to us <3 xoxo

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