Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meredith Vieira and Jewels For Hope!

We were so happy to participate in a great event to benefit The National MS Society yesterday at The Regency Hyatt in Greenwich, CT.

Jewels For Hope added MS to our list of organizations we donate to recently, so this was a great event that we were thrilled to be a part of!

At this event, the main speaker was Meredith Vieira and her husband Richard Cohen. Richard has MS and Meredith has been a big supporter and advocate for The National MS Society.

When we found out Meredith was going to be at this event, we made a special bracelet for both her and Richard. We were so lucky to give the bracelets to them - and they LOVED them! They both wore the bracelets throughout the whole event.

Here are some photos of myself and my mother with Meredith... She was just so sweet and posed with us a chatted a bit. She has such a warmth to her and is so down to earth. It was an absolute pleasure meeting her!

If you look verrrrrry closely in the picture with me- on her wrist behind the earring stand, you can see the orange bracelet--- this is the one we gave her!. We actually made friends with the photographer of the day (she was so nice!) and once she has the photos ready she'll send them to us --- don't worry, I'll give you her website then too- in case your in need of a great, nice photographer in the CT area :)

This event was so great and I hope everyone was able to raise a ton of money for The National MS Society. All of the workers are this event were just amazing and so sweet! I am so happy we participated in this- we met a ton of great people and donated to a great cause!

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