Monday, May 14, 2012

Look Great & Donate: Hospice

I decided I want to tell you a bit about all the different causes Jewels For Hope supports. I think I want to do a different post for each cause- each cause we donate to is so important to us. We get requests weekly to help support different causes.. I wish we could help everyone- but we would get too confused LOL. Right now, we donate to 15 organizations.

For my first post about our causes, I decided to write about Hospice; our very first cause we started donating to.

For those of you who do not know what Hospice is, here is a little blurb I took from their site:

The Connecticut Hospice addresses physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of patients with advanced irreversible illness, and their families. Such care is provided regardless of diagnosis and as long as the Hospice level of care is needed by the patients.

We had Hospice nurses in and out of our home for almost a year. My mom took care of my grandmother for about 10 years. My grandmother had Parkinson's Disease and dementia. Towards the end of my grandmother's life, she lived in our living room, in a hospital bed. 

Hospice is amazing.

Plain and simple. The nurses at Hospice do things that I know I would never, ever be able to do.... changing bandages, taking care of sores, etc....watching them with my grandmother we were so grateful they were there. 

When my mother was taking care of my grandmother during this time, she started making jewelry. Jewels For Hope came about when the Hospice nurses wanted to buy some of the designs my mother was creating. Of course she said absolutely not - and just gave it to them. Again... can't stress this enough... they did so much that we couldn't do- the jewelry was a Thank You for us.

But my mother started thinking.....

Why not make jewelry and give a portion of the profits to Hospice. To continuously give back. 

We always say- out of all the causes we donate-- Hospice is the cause that really can help the most people. When you think about it, most people will end up on Hospice at some point in their life. These caregivers really are exceptional - I can't say enough. I feel like I'm being so repetitive about how great Hospice is, but I can't help it. Until you see them work first hand... then you may be saying the same things as me. 

For anyone reading this, if Hospice has touched your life in anyway, my heart goes out to you. I know how difficult it is to see a loved one go through this or if you have gone through it for that matter... It's hard to see, hard to deal with, but hopefully you also have had the amazing caregivers from Hospice to make it a little easier on you.


  1. What an incredible blessing Hospice is. My grandma went to the Lord with Hospice services by her side. I am grateful she had such an awesome caring place to spend her last week.