Friday, July 13, 2012

We've Been Freshly Launched! @launchHER

We love the fabulous ladies at Launch Her (check them out!) and they decided that today, Friday 13th (so fitting for us!) that Jewels For Hope will officially be Freshly Launched!

Have you ever heard of Launch Her? I'm assuming yes, but I will give you a little background. Launch Her does wonders to promote women owned brands. They love handmade, love women owned business, and are all around great ladies.

The women who run Launch Her, Kara & Tracy, also have shown a ton of love to my favorite group (that I feel I mention all the time, haha) The Artisan Group. Tons of fine members of this group have been Freshly Launched. You can check out some of those members on TAG's Pintrest Board!

Now that I gave you some background... Go check out our feature! It's awesome and we are just so honored to be Freshly Launched.

Thank You Launch Her!

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