Thursday, December 5, 2013

#RodneyAtkins & #RoseFalcon wearing #JewelsForHope #Charity #Bracelets

My mother, believe it or not, made friends with Rose Falcon. Rose is a singer/songwriter who has written numerous songs for tons of artists including Lady Antebellum and Faith Hill. She also, just recently married country star Rodney Atkins.

If any of you actually know my mother, she is miss social. Everyone comes up to her when we are out and starts telling her their life story. Complete strangers. All the time. My mom is just such a nice woman everyone feels connected with her.

Online, it works the same way. My mom connected with Rose- and they became friends. Rose actually called my mom up a couple of times- she is so sweet!! I'm so happy my mom made this connection- Rose is such a good hearted woman!!

Well, something absolutely amazing I have to share with you... Rose wore our bracelets at the 2013 CMA Awards! YES. CMA AWARDS!

We are huge country music fans in this house, so this was a gigantic thing for us. We were like kids at Christmas!

Look how amazing Rose (and Rodney) looks!

Here's a close up of the bracelets....

Along with her rocking these on the red carpet (the red carpet, can you believe it!) we also spotted Rodney wearing our American Cancer Society Unisex Beaded Bracelet during one of his performances!

We are so happy! Don't they look amazing rocking our charity jewels!

We are working with Rose on some special new pieces so stay tuned! Once we have more info we'll definitely let you know!!


  1. I love these. They are so lovely and for great causes.

  2. It's great that a celebrity like Rose makes it a point to wear jewelry for a cause. Those bracelets are beautiful, I especially like the one with pearls.

  3. I love Rodney Atkins! He is such a nice guy. I am sure his wife is amazing, as well. I am very excited for you!

  4. That is so awesome and I absolutely adore your products

  5. You always have the most exciting news. I love to see the celebs rocking your jewels.