Friday, January 17, 2014

#GBKpreGlobes Gift Lounge with #TheArtisanGroup Who Loved What?

Over the full two days of The Golden Globes Gift Lounge - so much was going on, I tried to remember just exactly what each celebrity had to say about which items. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember every single thing- even if it wasn't so fast paced, my memory is shot so I'm surprised I even remember what I do.

Here are some of the products I do remember and what celebs had to say about them... Now, just to be clear, I may be paraphrasing since I didn't have a tape recorder or anything with me haha.

Before I start, I have to say almost every celeb was completely blown away when they found out these items were all handmade. They loved each and every item and really took their time looking through the numerous products. I wish with all my heart I could remember something about each and every item- but again, my memory isn't that great. If you did have a display item at the table and I do not mention it- I apologize for my shotty memory. All of the items were VERY well received and every single one of you should be proud of your amazing work.

Okay, let's begin..

Brett Dalton from Agents o S.H.I.E.L.D., loved Bizzy Fizz's men's shaving lotion. He was so pumped when he saw it, he said he has been looking for a a good shaving lotion for a long time and is excited to try it.

Pablo Schreiber was obsessed with this photograph taken by MScottPhotography! He wanted to take it right off the display and I felt horrible saying I didn't have the authority to do so. Saying no to a very handsome man was extremely hard for me to do haha. Just know Michelee if you're reading this, he LOVED your photo!
Sunrise Mesa Arch Tree Photograph, Utah Landscape, Golden, Travel Photography, Home and Office Decor

Barrett Foa from NCIS absolutely loved the sweet smelling soap of San Diego Bath and Body! He kept saying how great it smelled and kept going back to it throughout his time at the table.

Mateus Ward from Hostages LOVED Loud Waterfall Photography. He told me about how he lived in Hawaii for 5 years and how this photograph reminded him of it. He was instantly drawn to it.

Out For a Swim, Turtle Sanctuary, Animal Child's Room Wall 9x12 Fine Art Photography

Dot Marie Jones from Glee, is a big supporter of TAG. She came right over and started looking through all of the products. She already was a huge fan of Magic Senses Soap and was thrilled to see that she was getting more of it. It was the first item she picked up on the table and she kept saying it was one of her favorite products from previous bags.

Spearmint Handcrafted Glycerin Soap - Click Image to Close

Ming Na Wen was truly in awe that Fizz Candy Jewelry was created by a teenage girl. She loved her necklace that was on display and really couldn't believe that a 14 year old created it.

Nadine Velazquez from Major Crimes wanted to take one of Villain Accessories's rings right off the table. Again, we are not allowed to do that- but she truly loved that ring! She kept swooning over it!!

Almost every single male celebrity that came by our table had to stop and ask "what is this". Rachel from Genuine Leather Designs displayed mini-shirts. She makes actual men's shirts and made a miniature version to display. HUGE HIT! Grant Bowler and his wife really loved them. She thought the one on the main stand was "rad".

See any products you just have to have from this post? Go visit the shops! You won't be sorry. All of these artists are so talented- go check out their items!

To see all of the amazing items that were on display, look at the event guide below!

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