Thursday, November 20, 2014

#Scandal Fans, Check out #KhandiAlexander wearing Jewels For Hope

Now, I know Scandal is a huge show - my sister, friends, co-workers, everyone in my life is obsessed with it. I am embarrassed to say I have never seen an episode. I love Shonda and her shows, but I haven't gotten into the Scandal scene just yet (even with everyone in my family pressuring me to do so).

So, even with me not being a Scandal-fanatic, I still love the actors/actresses on it. I was lucky enough last year to meet Khandi Alexander- who plays Kerry Washington's mother on the show! She was the sweetest woman ever and loved our Jewels For Hope bracelet we had on display (at the Oscars Gift Lounge!). She loved it so much she took it off the display and wore it out that day! How awesome is that?

Here is a pic of me and Khandi (please, don't look at me! Bangs are not a good look for me, and since I've lost about 25lbs.)

She loved our Silver Antique Leather Cord Bracelet that donates a portion of the profits to The American Cancer Society.

I might even start watching a few Scandal episodes with my sister just to see Khandi on there. I love it when celebs are so nice and Khandi truly was a sweetheart. The fact that she loved the bracelet so much was icing on the cake.

Are you a Scandal fan? What do you think about Khandi wearing the bracelet? Isn't that exciting! At least for a small business owner for myself it is! I was grinning like an idiot the whole rest of the day after Khandi walked off with my bracelet!

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