Thursday, May 21, 2015

LA's The Place; Press Piece on Jewels For Hope

So happy to show off another great press piece on Jewels For Hope from LA's The Place! This was a great article about a ton of awesome TAG products that were gifted at GBK's Gift Lounge leading up to The MTV Movie Awards!

The 2015 MTV Gift Bag from The Artisan Group

Jane, the writer for LA's The Place wrote such beautiful words about our item....

"Owners Sandy and Steve D’Andrea of Jewels for Hope and their nautically-inspired necklace will always help you find your way back to home, hearth and personal conviction. Such a fantastic way to always feel connected to what matters most to you in a whimsical and beautifully crafted wearable compass to your heart. Jewels For Hope has always given back part of of their proceeds to charities. 

We love Jane and were so happy to be included in this fantastic round up of handmade items!

Go take a look at the article to see some of the other handmade swag!

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